1st Submarine Squadron. Malta 1957.

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by onions, Jan 18, 2009.

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  1. HMS Forth was depot ship to the 1st SM Sdrn in Malta '57-'59. Can anyone tell me the names of the 4 "T" and 4 "S" boats that she looked after? Sanguin and Sentinel ring a bell, as do Totem and Token.

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  2. During late 1958 to early 1960 the following boats were operating from HMS Forth, Sea Devil, Talent, Teredo, Tally Ho, and Tabard there may have been others.
  3. Tiptoe was out there in 63.
    And was it then the 1st Submarine sqaudron?
  4. Can't help with names but here's a nice picture of Forth with some of her boats in Malta from Godfrey Dykes' website (link):

  5. SMOTB, Talent, Tally Ho and Sea Devil sound familiar.

    N-G, I am pretty sure that photo was taken in Grand Harbour. While I was on Forth she very rarely ventured out of Msida Creek.

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  6. 1957 onwards
    S Boats- Sanguine, Sea Devil, +??
    T Boats & Super T - Tally Ho, Tudor, Talent, Totem, Truncheon, Trump
    Lay apart store and berth for Forth was in Msida Creek (opposite Whitehall Mansions).
    LEM's Piper, Smith etc
    REM's Hyder, Millinger. etc
    EM's sleepy ?, Standing etc
    Forth was at Suez, and did several fleet exercises in the MED with the yanks, Canadians and Nato.
    Seem to remember a chief or po cook Briaris (Crash) who put on a stage show in Corrodino canteen
    "The Mary Rose" show in aid of little girl in UK who needed medical equipment provided

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