1st Submarine Flotilla

I am looking for a war diary or similar document of the 1st Submarine Flotilla in WW2.I am also looking for a listing of staff officers attached to the flotilla during this period.Can any of you help please?
Couldn't find a war diary for SM 1, but there are at the National Archive, Kew these:
ADM 199/373 - Vice Admiral(S/M) war diaries 1939-1940.
ADM 199/400 - Dundee area and Vice Admiral (later Admiral)(S/M) war diaries 1941
ADM 199/424 - Vice Admiral Malta and Admiral (S/M) war diaries 1942
ADM 199/627 - Admiral (S/M) war diaries 1943
ADM 199/1385 - Admiral (S/M) war diaries 1944
ADM 199/1923 - Admiral (S/M) war diaries, Mediterranean operations. work of US Navy SUBRON 50 in
European waters etc. 1940-1945

I should imagine that the Navy List for the war years would give a list of SM 1 staff officers, depending on it's base at the time.
Also, you could try the RN Submarine Museum at Gosport, or the Naval Historical Branch.
If you have a particular interest in a specific boat, let me know and I'll see if any of the patrol reports are held at Kew.
Thank you both for your speedy replies.I am thinking about going to Kew next week to look at the logs of Pandora and Turbulent for this period,so if I have any time remaining I will try and have a look at the sources you suggest.
When you say attached to the 1st submarine squadron do you mean to specific boats or what.
I have some COs of the boats in the squadron. But I will need to know boats as my data base doesn't necessarily specify boats attached to squadrons.
Hope that would help.
Naval_Gazer said:
For what it's worth:
Interesting phot as it has 2 VC winners in it. Miers (Torbay) and Linton (Turbulent). Spookily I served on their modern counterparts.

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