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1st Submarine Flotilla


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I am looking for a war diary or similar document of the 1st Submarine Flotilla in WW2.I am also looking for a listing of staff officers attached to the flotilla during this period.Can any of you help please?


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Couldn't find a war diary for SM 1, but there are at the National Archive, Kew these:
ADM 199/373 - Vice Admiral(S/M) war diaries 1939-1940.
ADM 199/400 - Dundee area and Vice Admiral (later Admiral)(S/M) war diaries 1941
ADM 199/424 - Vice Admiral Malta and Admiral (S/M) war diaries 1942
ADM 199/627 - Admiral (S/M) war diaries 1943
ADM 199/1385 - Admiral (S/M) war diaries 1944
ADM 199/1923 - Admiral (S/M) war diaries, Mediterranean operations. work of US Navy SUBRON 50 in
European waters etc. 1940-1945

I should imagine that the Navy List for the war years would give a list of SM 1 staff officers, depending on it's base at the time.
Also, you could try the RN Submarine Museum at Gosport, or the Naval Historical Branch.
If you have a particular interest in a specific boat, let me know and I'll see if any of the patrol reports are held at Kew.


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Thank you both for your speedy replies.I am thinking about going to Kew next week to look at the logs of Pandora and Turbulent for this period,so if I have any time remaining I will try and have a look at the sources you suggest.
For what it's worth:


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When you say attached to the 1st submarine squadron do you mean to specific boats or what.
I have some COs of the boats in the squadron. But I will need to know boats as my data base doesn't necessarily specify boats attached to squadrons.
Hope that would help.


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Naval_Gazer said:
For what it's worth:

Interesting phot as it has 2 VC winners in it. Miers (Torbay) and Linton (Turbulent). Spookily I served on their modern counterparts.
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