1st ship

July 95 - Invincible. 1st Night onboard, got kicked at 0100 by LS(R) letting me know politely "you're on the gangway in 45 min" :oops:

No duty watch training then :D:D


War Hero
HMS Gurhka end of 75 just returned from windies, states & Canada. Totally knackered, next time she left the wall of North for cod wars


HMS Cornwall F99 fighting ice cream december 1999 . When i joined she was full of old timers (source branch ABs) so it took me about 6 months before i could numbers check anyone for the tea!!! Brilliant ship went on NTG 2000 round the world anchoring off islands like the Tiomans in Malaysia , Singers and across the international date line to Honolulu and many more before and after . Was sad to see her being paid off id left by then but you know how it is with your first sea draft. I thought the batch 3s were the best things on the 7 seas (lol) CACS was abit out dated with the old light pens !!! But used to get up to all sorts of fun especially Quarterdeck POS getting caught down the locker hung over catching Zs by Po Richie rich ! Happy dayz.

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