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Thanks all.....funny how I can remember vividly stuff from 50 years ago but what I did yesterday is a bit of a blurr.....
I was on the Tenby for 6 Months then drafted to the Carron a CA class Destroyer.
But thats another story..

HMS Southampton back in 06. Copule weeks DCT then straight onto APT South after the easter leave- cracking runs ashore on our way to and from the Falklands.


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:withstupid:1967 full ships complement joined HMS AURORA in Chat's,some great lads on board especially the gunners mess great commission but not such a good ship, pleased to see the back of her when we all left together as we joined. Shame about the whale we ran into on passage from Mombasa to the Gulf and I don't think a "band aid" would have helped.
I was in the for'd seamans mess that commission, and if your from Doncaster I recon your MF. Am I correct.
Wanna PM me and maybe we can have sex.:laughing2:


Pier Head Draft to HMS FEARLESS 8th January 1982. Sailed for a 3 month deployment in the WI, then after a interrupted leave, it was off to the Falklands!


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The good ship HMS Devonshire in 1975 as a Baby MA ... First foreign run was Hamburg where I was taken on a tour of the Reeperbahn by the the Killick(s) Reg, Met and Chef ... Have distinct memories of Shiner the Chef upping the game plan from beer to porno movies on the wall to topless bar to sex show! The following year was the hottest in the UK and we were on a Med cruise ... Gib, Naples, Istanbul, Haifa and then got stuck in Malta for 6 weeks with a bent prop shaft ... got home then sailed for the Far Flung ... got as far as Lisbon and blew the Port Boiler out of the chimney! Limped home in company of Gib Guard ship and the old girl never turned a screw again.
You must know mad Dan then. And did I leave the sick bay label in situ "Inver cocky leeky clinic".


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Protector 1962. As a Junior Seaman, after a year at St. Vincent followed by the Edinburgh Tattoo, the strange looking, modified, pre-war net layer was a bit of a shock. My drafting preference request was for the far east and I though drafty was having a laugh when he sent me to the antarctic but calls at Gib, Gambia, Freetown, Santos, Montevideo and Port Stanley on the way convinced me that he had done me a big favour and I was only 17!
Joined Scylla from Collingrad, March '79 in Pompey. Had to wear No 2s so got many a weird look when I actually got on board. Following day we did a forced passage to Faslane in a Force 8. Sick as a dog all the way.
unlucky that must have been when we arrived back from 6 months in windies


HMS Decoy Daring class destroyer 1964. Drafted from HMS Vernon flew out from Heathrow to Bermuda and stayed in an american air force base for three days waiting for the ship to dock. Junior seaman at the time slinging a hammock in the quarter deck seamen mess. Spent Xmas day in Bermuda having first sippers of grog, then did two months West Indies patrol before sailing back to Pompey to change ships to HMS Delight.


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1972 joined HMS Puma at Rosyth in November all the way from Seahawk - took forever (and I think it was the day that Rapid raced Manxman for fastest ship in the fleet ?)

straight out to Arctic for cod war in Force 10 - never been so sick in my life - got a 'belt' from the Chief Caterer for chucking up in the Deep Freeze (I was a Catering SA), made to stay there until all cleared up, as I cleared added more to it...................

Juniors mess was full so placed in the jungle in a hammock, everyone (it seemed then) was a hoary old 3 badgeman - as a sprog I was mess cooks every day (no dining hall on those) - I hated it

After 11 months and Nakrumah's overthrow, to make way for Mermaid - we were scrapped and I was drafted to Exmouth.........permanent Portland war........amazed I lasted 24 years !!!


HMS Lowestoft - joined July 1965 at Largs, Ayrshire as a Junior Radio Operator (2). We then went onwards to Gib, Malta, Port Said, Suez Canal, Aden, Mombasa, Singapore and Hong Kong. Left in late February of 1966 - flew back to the UK from Nairobi - next draft Phoebe (first commission - April '66 Glasgow).
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HMS Antrim, joined her in the Med 1972, then trotted off for a 9 month deployment to the far east. Not a bad start in life for a young JRO(2).


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Duncan 1961 and eighteen months in the Arctic on and off. Went to Nantes and Copenhagen but I think that was to thaw us out. Also did Nowegian coastal runs all the way round to Murmansk. Bloody good runs and even Reykjavik was okay if a trifle expensive.


Ursa (F200) 1964 - Windies and States for 18 months, then to Dolphin for sundodger training etc.......
Made quite an entrance in Key West when, with all the assembled great and good watching on the wooden jetty with bands playing, we accelerated into the said jetty, removing about 50 yards of it, and ending up with our bow looking like Rod Hull's emu! Woops! :D
Arethusa 1986-86. Tiffies sea training. BOST/Faroes gap/Med/Bermuda & Bahamas.

Made the most of it as I went sun dodging after that. Revenge/Renown/Victorious/Vigilant/Vanguard/Victorious.

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