1st of July, Smoking Ban

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Ashley, Jun 21, 2007.

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  1. I'm all for it, if you want to smoke then you can do it in your own home, where you're less likely to harm me and those who enjoy having a fit & healthy lifestyle.

    What do YOU think about the public smoking ban, starting 1st July 2007?
  2. Personally, I cant wait for it
  3. Makes me laugh that Liverpool City council now on about banning people from smoking IN THEIR OWN HOME if they are waiting for a council employee to visit them.......
  4. No comment :evil5:
  5. The non smoking is of course voluntary (at present) However why should a council official who has to visit people in their own homes be less protected from secondary smoking than those in the council offices?
    Of course perhaps officials could be given the right not to visit the homes of smokers who object. These smokers would then have to go to the council offices to sort out their claims etc.
  6. very happy
  7. Bring it on, can't wait.
  8. So your now happy to be told what you can / cannot do in your own home that you pay a mortgage for and pay all the bills for ?
  9. See that there's a club owner going to make a legal challenge to the ban. Guess who he's hired to do the legal work - Cherie Bliar, (aka The Witched Witch). This one could be fun !
  10. Ditto.
  11. No, you can still do what you want in your own home. You can smoke or even burst into flames. However is it too much to ask that you do not force a non smoking council official, who is there at your request to offer assistance to sit in a smoke filled room?
  12. On the other hand he may well be happy of the chance to sit down and have a smoke rather than hanging arround on street corners.
  13. Waiting to see how the smokers are going to use the one smoking area on site, other end of the depot from the messroom so they will now have a teabreak followed by a fagbreak. Wonder if the 'smoker' managers will have the backbone to deal with that one
    Interesting times ahead, especially with the traindrivers who are banned from smoking in the cabs, and they have been given instructions to report to control if the cab smells of smoke which some of the anti-smokers will not hesitate to do, whilst some smokers are already saying it won't stop them (until a few get their P45's)
  14. If you don't mind me asking, what the hell is a 'smoker manager'?
  15. About time. As a smoker myself I welcome any move to stop smoking in public places ie. pubs and Restraunts. Perhaps that way I will be able to cut down on the 20 a day that I am smoking. As for smoking in your own home. Who in their right mind would want everything they own to smell like an ashtray. Me and the wife smoke in the garden. Kids hate the damn things.
  16. Sorry for the gash english:
    our managers, most of whom are smokers themselves will be behind the bikesheds with the others in the smoking area.
    One of our managers is proud of the fact he doesn't take meal or coffee breaks but every hourly fag also includes a coffee and he's the first to piss and moan if someone is in the messroom for too long
  17. They banned smoking in just about everywhere in Scotland last year, unbeknowst to me (I live in Dubai), quite embarrassing getting turfed out of a wedding for smoking a cigar.

    I kind of agree in principle to the ban, I just don't think a blanket ban is a good first step, ease it in gently? Maybe.
  18. Word for word the same as me :)
  19. Buy that man a drink!
    Very considerate of you Sir.

    If heroin addicts where running about injecting non heroin addicts, there would be uproar.
    (effectively, this is what smokers do to other non smokers)
  20. Ah gotcha :mrgreen:

    Thought for a moment your place of work was introducing smoker nazi's to patrol the area o_O

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