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Band will, as did the last one. Upset too many politicians by telling the truth, hence his quiet "leaving do". Band will go in and do the best he can with the resources he has.

Watch out for the first elements of this coming through as legacy between 1SL and other Services - the ultimatum given to the Government regarding fireman's strikes and how we are not the fourth emergency service, and shouldn't be treated as such.


Bnad knows his troops - bit disconcerning when he walks up behind you in the office and starts a conversation about normal things... He does have his ears to the troops


Legislation impinging on operational effectiveness?

This has been happening for years in the Merchant Navy. No-one cares if a ship sinks as long as all the boxes have been ticked and there is a paper trail to take the blame AWAY from the top brass!

I dare say most of the commercial world is the same and as an employer with duty of care, risk assessment etc etc and also the insurers watching their backs it had to come to the Navy eventually.



Norman's post didn't add any value to a long dead thread, so at the behest of AJ, it was deleted.
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