1SL Interview on Andrew Marr Breakfast Programme

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by ctfairway, Feb 15, 2009.

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  1. Did anyone else see JB's interview on BBC1 this morning? He seems to have had some media coaching as I thought he came across quite well. Much better than when he was asked about the Iranian Boatpeople farce.

    He said that 30% of those currently deployed in Stan are RN/RM which will probably surprise Joe Public. Gave a good account of the anti piracy ops and managed to avoid being drawn about RN/RAF inter service warfare wrt the airwing on the new carriers.
  2. Yeah I caught that, was a good interview. Parentals were on hand as well, as a set of civilian middle class, and they were impressed.
  3. It's here if you missed it. Skip to 19 minutes in after the weather.
  4. I thought he handled the interview well but he was a bit too keen to make out everything was coming up daisies.He sidestepped the RN/Crab question but his body language said there was more of a problem than he was prepared to admit.I liked the part where he blamed the Government for starting wars that put a drain on the Defence budget.

  5. That's my issue with Bandy, always upbeat and on message.
    He needs to take some tips from Dannat.
  6. I would have liked to have seen him put the crabs back in their place.

    But then i'm just a sh*t stirrer :D
  7. or 18 minutes to see the hot weather girl!
  8. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    " ... throughout their ninety years of service ... "

    Nice one, Bandy.

  9. Noticed the little verbal dagger as well. Nicely put I thought. Good to remind the Light Blue where they belong. Would like to have seen Stirrup/Torpy's reaction.
  10. The video has been removed from iPlayer, anyone have any ideas as to where else I might be able to see it?
  11. It's a bit dangerous to start a thread mentioning '1SL', that's Normans trademark.

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