1SL Assists With A Careers Enquiry From A Potential Recruit

Actually, 1SL is asking the lad where he got his rig from so that he can propose it as the "Sailor 2020" AWD. The modern look for the modern Navy.

Writing the Rank in plain English on the "T Shirt" does away with all that tirersome ring/anchor/crown counting for the observationally challenged.
Excellent photo.

Caption comp?

(Forget the references to the scruffy bugger with his hand in his pocket, already done to death on FB)
If this were Lil's "Would you like a Werthers?" could be a starter.

I don't do FB but I had already clocked that the WREN O was giving scruffkins a good Wow-Wow-ing of the "...and other thing blah blah.." kind.
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