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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by athwartship, May 21, 2008.

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  1. In the current month (May) how many Dinners has !SL 2SL and CinC Fleet and their partners attended at our expense?
  2. Answers on a postcard to

    [email protected]OX/NOBBER
  3. No idea, why don`t you inform us of the facts if you know them, i`m not very good at guessing games.
  6. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    1SL came round mine for a pizza and chips, does that count??????????
  7. Phone him up and ask him. He might invite you to the next one as his partner. Just make sure you have a nice dress just in case.

  8. Fvck off Norma… your just jealous because I do get invited round for nibbles and drnkies with 1 and 2SL at some of their assorted bashes…

    Rugged, ain't it Norma? Us grown up's get posh nosh, a tot and a Bootie Band knocking out the tunes, while you get whatever shit is on special offer at the local take away as a 'Pensioners Special' and Radio 2 :thumright:
  9. he's coming to my gaffe on friday

    funny thing is though my boss says i cant go - something about not good for his (the Lts) career if i doorstop 1SL and finger point him

    norm you can go in my place - never seen Big JB twat anyone but he can shout,

    i know i broke his fwd hanfgar crane on the CVS mid 90's -

    oooooooh he made me cry
  10. You really must take more water with it.
  11. Saw him in the shopping precinct at dinnertime, he bought me an oggy. Does that count on his expenses ?
  12. FFS keep up - i'm a wafu i do hotels not ships
  13. Norman,
    In response to your question, I would say that they have all attended several luncheons at the tax payers expense.

    However, as one who processes the claims for events such as these I can assure you that they are run in accordance with an incredibly strict set of regulations, and all these expenses will, of course be subject to the Freedom of Information Act and also to Audit by the National Audit Office and the Taxman.

    The reason that these rules are in place is so that ignorant twats like yourself can moan and groan about it all you like, but you will always be stepping close to the line of slander/libel. There is always a benefit to these functions, they may not always be obvious to mere mortals like us (and turds like you), but if there is not a sufficient reason to pay for one of these events, then it just doesn't happen!

    I now apologise to everyone else on this forum for feeding the troll.

    I'll shut up now.

    Sorry just one more thing.....................this Norman character really is a [email protected], a convincing case for euthanasia if ever I saw one.
  14. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    and into the Gash Barge it goes.....
  15. Can you do the same with Norma?

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