1Sl 2Sl and CinC Fleet

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by uncleTom, Oct 29, 2007.

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  1. What fleet?
    Why do we need a a First Sea Lord together with a Second Sea Lord plus someone in charge of the one remaining Fleet we have? Someone explained that the Second Sea Lord dealt only with administrative matters.
    A Chief Clerk used to do that that at a fraction of the cost.
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  3. Uncle Tom,are you related to chokker?
  4. Well I think he has a point.
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  8. Once again into the breech...

    Can't you take a hint from the many previous comments? If you want a discussion (which you seem increasingly unlikely to want) then provide a problem, solution and justification; preferably with facts, sources and the grammar/syntax and computer skills to back them up! Rather than just blathering on about officers, who you seem rather worried about (not make AIB? Fail BRNC at the first/last hurdle?) for some reason and want to get them removed and replaced by civvies/Chiefs and/or persons unknown.
    However I'll agree with Brazen in saying...

    :tongue7: :violent1: :violent3: :hiding: :blah5: :argue:
  9. Are we familiar with the same language?
  10. A problem.
    So few ships. So many Admirals and commodores and LT.Cmds. . What's to happen to them as it seems more ships are for the chop. the problem --as has been put to me is that the Royal Navy is so overburdened with Lt Cmds and above that a solution to ridding itself of that encumbrance
  11. Ah! I remember the good old days, when I worked for 3SL (G R. 3rd Sea Lord).
  12. Remember when we had FOF1, FOF2 and FOF3 (Flag Officer 1st Flotilla etc), Flag Officers for every Naval Base including Gibraltar, FONAC (Flag Officer Naval Air Command)?

    Not to mention CINCNAVHOME in addition to 1SL, 2SL, CINCFLEET.

    Now that was a lot of Flag Officers!!
  13. But an awful lot of ships. When I joined the Royal Navy I seem to remember 5 Sea Lords. The Reserve Fleet was bigger than all rhe ships in the Fleet now.
  14. What were their jobs? Apart from providing employment for the makers of gold braid.

    If I recall, wasn't Mountbatten 1SL at one stage? I know he was Viceroy of India - I think so anyway.
  15. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Sea Lords - (VERY briefly)

    1SL - Chief of Naval Staff
    2SL - Personnel
    3SL - Controller, responsible for shipbuilding, latterly usually a plumber
    4SL - Top Pusser
    5SL - Air

    Mountbatten (also V briefly) - CO HMS Kelly as Captain, then to be CO Illustrious which was repairing battle damage in the US but M was pierhead jumped to be Supreme Cdr SE Asia as Acting Admiral (which upset pretty much the entire Flag list), then Viceroy 1946 - 47, then back to substantive rank in the Med as Rear Admiral. Later CinC Med, 1SL, last job was as the first ever CDS.
  16. Mountbatten was lined up to drive Lusty after KELLY and as quoted (Seaweed) bumped up to SAC SE Asia. Rumour at the time was this had more to do with his shiphandling skills than anything else; KELLY spent more time in dockyard hands as a result of navigational/ shiphandling incidents than as a result of enemy action.
  17. thanks PoL - much appreciated

  18. Any Mode

    So what year was that then uncle Tom? I put in red so you know the question Norma.


    It would be nice to see if you have the ability to answer a question, not only just be able to ask them.


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