1976 Ark Sailor series

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by RNFLUNKY, Jan 1, 2009.

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  1. Been xmas duties down HQ1 and watched my copy of Sailor for the 1000th time. It still raises the hairs on my neck when i see the old girl cutting through the oggin. It got me thinking what has happened to the main peeps, are they still alive? Waht are they up to? And is there anyone on here remember it as part of the ships co. Any good dits?

    I picked out two old ship mates of mine. Terry Massey the CANMAN & Jumper Collins the Flunkie.
  2. Remember it well, I was on 809 squadron living in 2J4 POs mess. Wonder what happened to father Jim the RC padre? He was always under stoppage and frequented any mess in the ship where he thought he would get a whet?
    The PMO Doc Adams was good for a laugh and what a Joss we had in Uncle Tom.
  3. Just found a webite saying that the padre is dead along with capt wilf. thats two gone what i know of. do you think twink is still alive? he did love a scoop.
  4. Watched this series obsessively as a school kid in the 70's and was the inspiration for me joining. I was at Raleigh when she paid off in guzz and was in awe seeing the cap tallies around Raleigh soon afterwards.
    Superb old girl...

    Got both DVD & VHS; the video box set is up for grabs if anyones interested...?
  5. I know the telly was pretty dank over Christmas, but come on, watching 'Sailor' and for the 1000thtime!! Get a life!
  6. if you read my post correctly i was on watch over xmas, nugget
  7. Big ships! Get a life. Spent 2 1/2 years on the "Centaur"(`60 - 63), thats why I went into boats.
  8. :thumright: So you didnt sail in big ships??? then :whew: Ark/ Vic / Eagle :w00t:
  9. Come along Scouse Vic? We used her as a liberty Boat.
  10. Flunky, as far as the Aircraft Handlers Association are aware, Twinkle is still alive, albeit not a member at this time.
    Tom Wilkinson FMAA, is still around too.
  11. I fear you are thinking of the Victory dear :D
  12. The guy being "helped" up the gangway,as he is hammered, was Paddy Smyth. Worked with him at Yeovilton. AFAIK he's still about, probably still pickled...
  13. Nice one shippers. Good to get a bit of feed back. I am shocked Twinks is still about, it is good news though
  14. Remember watching the series with interest. Is it available on DVD by any chance. yes i know that must make me sad, but anything to do with The Forces is better than watching the crap they put on the goggle box these days.
  15. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Don't know about DVD, but the following download appears on a UK TV focused bit-torrent site called TheBox.

    A BBC Documentary, filmed in 1976, on board the aircraft carrier Ark Royal. A look at the day to day life of the crew.

    In 1976 BBC camera crews were invited on board Britain’s best-loved warship, the aircraft carrier Ark Royal, to record what was intended to be her last voyage.

    As the Ark Royal sailed for America, the cameras captured a unique record of daily life on board for the officers and ratings, as well as the workings of an operational aircraft carrier with full a complement of fighter and bomber aircraft and helicopters.

    Sailor remains one of the best series ever made about the Royal Navy, as well as providing a historic record of the passing of one of Britain’s greatest fighting ships.

    The BBC follow-up programme - Sailor Eight Years On - revealing the sad fate of the now decrepit Ark Royal in dock and going in search of its crew members to discover how their lives have changed.

    Also present we find another Ark Royal documentary, this one made in 1971 by the Central Office of Information and titled Med Patrol. At only 15-minutes it’s, of course, nowhere near as detailed or nuanced as five hours worth of Sailor, but then it provides an interesting comparison point.

    The episodes included are:

    Sailor - E01 - Last Run Ashore (1976)
    Sailor - E02 -The Squadrons Are Coming
    Sailor - E03 - Happy Birthday
    Sailor - E04 - Thoughts Of Home
    Sailor - E05 - Puerto Rican Banyan
    Sailor - E06 - Officer Territory
    Sailor - E07 - A Theatre Workshop
    Sailor - E08 - Florida. USA - (1976)
    Sailor - E09 - Homeward Bound - (1976)
    Sailor - E10 - Back Home - (1976)

    Eight Years On - (1984)
    Med Patrol - (1971)

    Off now to hit internet bandwidth!
  16. I've seen that dvd.
  17. One guy smacks his head after arriving back onboard from a night out :D
  18. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Download completed, now just got to try and burn some DVDs.
  19. When I was working as a Prison Officer Dog Handler @ H.M.P, Long Lartin, Evesham, We had training days on fields and woods belonging to the B.B.C.residental training schoool at Wood Norton. Tom [joss from the Ark] was a sort of housemaster there. Got to know him quite well. He said that he was still kicking arse and wiping noses.

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