1970's Rolex Military issue Submariner 660ft 200m

I served a s a Dusty in the 70s, and I can't say I ever saw one of those as a stores item, I remember Pilot's watches though.
Even then, they would only have been issued on loan - you know what pusser is about accounting for everything ..!!
giggle said:
Aruba! 60 quid?

Tell me more :p

There's an up and coming market for fakes /copies at the moment and they are almost undetectable from the real thing. You even get the box etc etc.

The 1970 Rolex was issued to ships Diving team stores . It was a standard submariner type and I don't think it had the day date function . The s/s strap was removed and it was used with the Naval stores Nato wrist watch strap - grey coloured nylon with the two loops -un breakable supposedly.
Never used for diving-- they were too expensive!!