1970's FAA Aircrew Arctic Survival Training Film


Does anybody remember seeing an RN Film Unit Arctic Survival Training Film made in Norway in the 1970's that as far as I can remember was themed around a crashed Wessex 5 in a remote location and deep snow? I seem to recall either 3 or 4 crew members then having to survive on their own for several days before being located and rescued, using the damaged aircraft as shelter etc.

I don't know if this was ever used as a training video or not but that was the intention at the time it was made, and if not then it is unlikely to ring any bells as very few people will know of it, but my Dad Pete Matthews was sent to Norway for three weeks in the early1970's for the filming and was the Aircrewman in it. My Mum and us four kids were invited down to the admin building at Osprey to see it when it was finished, I was only about 10 then so some of the recall above might be incorrect, but does anyone know if it was used at all and if so where I might apply to get a copy of it please?

Thanks all.


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I have no recollection of seeing the film during any of my survival training.

Maybe found in Pathe Archives. I believe some older navy training films may be found there!!!! (Big on maybe!!)