1965? Ark Royal’s ‘mess’ of pigs.

Discussion in 'History' started by twentythou, Aug 6, 2008.

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  1. Is there any bright spark that can remember a newspaper article in, I think a tabloid (Mirror or Mail), by some whit who sent off the dimensions, airflow etc. of his mess on the Ark Royal to the then ‘Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries’ saying that he wished to keep some pigs in the space and how many would he be allowed to keep. The answer, I think, was three and I think the mess actually held about 15 blokes. I believe that it was published either the 1st or last quarter 1965 as Centaur was along side in the Pompey then. It did cause much humour and I would like to track down the article so if anyone can be more precise on time and source I’d be much obliged.
  2. I can remember the story. I believe it was a letter to a farming magazine (Pig Breeder?) saying he wanted to keep a number of pigs (the number in the mess) and giving the size of the mess asking if this was OK. The answer being no and giving a much lower figure. I heard that the question and answer were put on the mesa notice board.
  3. I can concur with your last :thumright:
  4. I remember the story but I can't find a reference. Of course, he didn't say that the pigs would only sleep and have their tot in the space, but would eat elsewhere, be able to go to the toilet and shower elsewhere and would get time ashore. Not forgetting movies on the flight deck/JRs dining space, uckers and a separate sick bay for sick pigs. I suspect it was just a story. Sorry to burst that little balloon, but it was a load of bollocks!

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