18yr old cleared of Rape charges.


i have been following this on the news for some time now. This guy was 17 when an older woman (in her early 30's i believe) accused him of raping her and sexually abusing her 6yr old daughter. How that he, now 18, was cleared of all charges yesterday.

Now i should also point out that before he was cleared the local news programme was vilifying this guy, but on being cleared, the report is very short and to the point and kind of just brused asside as no longer being news worthy. For some reason they also said he was an RAF cadet everytime his name was mentioned, which i don't understand why that would have any relevance.


Last update from UTV/ITN on friday

That is the last from UTV because being cleared of these charges just wasn't news worthy and you imagine the media circus if he had of been found guilty.

I had to go to the BBC to find he was cleared, which was a very short article.

My point being, what now happens to this sick vile woman who could make up such digusting claims, especially accusing him of indecently assaulting her 6yr old?? I'm assuming that she gets off scot free for putting this young mans life through hell for the passed year???


War Hero
Welcome to the world of the "Finest traditions of British Journalism", RNMA.
If these bloodsucking worthless twats ever publish a retraction of their misleading and sensationalist headlines, you can rest assured it will be half a column inch on page 73 with the small ads. I would love to see banner headlines of their lives being laid bare, truth or not. Either that or give them a suitable proper job. Pit bottom scraper on a sewage farm springs to mind.



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I believe that rape victims should be allowed anonymity. This should also apply to the accused.
If the accused is found not guilty then harm has not been done. If it can be proven that they accuser is lying then she should not only be named but prosecuted.
slim you should be my boss with your common sense approach -

not like the idiots i work with.

i totally agree total newsblackout until after the trial.