17th February start date


Hey Guys! Finally got a start date of the 17th of Feb - anyone else here also joining on this date?

If so, how are you doing with all the fitness prep now? I'm all good with everything except the swimming - I'm still a really poor swimmer :(. Ah well, march on.


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Congratulations OptiMystic

Top tip- get off the computer & get to the swimming baths as much as you can before you join. If you fail the RN Swimming Test you'll be in the pool each evening improving your swimming ability whilst eveeryone ele is getting their kit ready for the following day. You'll be at least an hour or two behind the rest of your class playing catch-up. Train now rather than leave it until it's too late.

Good Luck


Oh, please don't misunderstand - I'm not leaving it til the last minute at all, I just don't naturally take to swimming. I'll keep at it alright, don't like being bad at anything hehe. Am only on these forums whilst at work anyway hehe, will be 'swimming' again this evening.

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