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The only bit of advice I can give is don't be dishonest. They will find out, it will be an issue and they may well not employ you as integrity is a naval value.

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Any lies that are made to gain entry and then discovered are likely to lead to dismisal and possible criminal charges.


It will come up anyway in your security clearance as you have to give all parent/step parents details too which are all investigated, be honest right from the start rather than get so far and your application be scrapped
What Lynds and Photface said. Be straight from thee start.It will all come out,and integrity is important in the RN. Start as You mean to continue.
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Aaa, you'd be surprised how deep a security clearance goes.
Honesty is the best path to tread. Lie and the sh1t will hit the proverbial fan and the only loser will be yourself.
Failure to declare can and most likely will lead to all sorts of problems in the future.


Do you not think your Afco wouldn't recognise your name/face or application! Honesty here all the way and what ever will be will be!


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I would simply leave it out, I don't intend on ever visiting that country again so no harm could come of it right? I don't see why I can't make a pledge or something to never visit that country instead of having to get a lot of paperwork and do a lot of travelling. I am very honest by nature, so this would be the only lie I'd tell if it came to it.
Yeah. But it's a MASSSIVE lie. You'll be found out.


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Your previous application is digitally retained for ten years under data protection legislation and a follow-up application will migrate and carry over your dual Turkish nationality to a second application for Navy, Army or Air Force submitted anywhere in UK.


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Mate, pull your head in, get a measure of loyalty, and get a measure of life. Her Britannic Majesty's Forces do not need clowns who cannot or will not swear total loyalty to the Crown. And just as a matter of interest: Why would you want to serve in the Royal Navy, but hide a secret loyalty to another foreign power? Something highly suspicious about your motives in my eyes.


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I don't intend on ever visiting that country again so no harm could come of it right?
Even if your other country is landlocked, you may find yourself visiting it or even in transit on duty. Your intentions matter not a jot.


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could one think, a secretive spy within? You never know, and that would cross the security checkers' mind, hence no entry or kicked out when it shows up during basic training checks


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And you will never be able to go for a post-sesh kebab with your oppos after a few down union st (or what ever is the latest faddy drinking area nowadays).

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