16 Year Old Wanting To Join RN But Parents Are Apprehensive. HELP!


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Different times, I was 16 & 2 weeks old when I joined, lasted 24 years. I was a late learner sat my degree finals just past 40, passed my Master just past 50, now 60 and looking forward my next challenge.
Getting educated early, if you are able? Is probably better than trying to make old gray matter function, stay in education and start your application when your 17 by the time you get through the application you would be close to finishing school /college anyway, ask your recruiter about time to entry on your chosen branch, when mother sees it could be over a year away and you still learning, might make her happier?
Good luck.


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Same here,, long long time ago usualy go back for a visit every couple
of years but Dudley has changed so much not for the better either
I went to school in Brierley Hill over the road from Round Oak steel works! Long gone!
Used to go down every now and again until both parents passed away.

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