16 Year old PCSO's

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by dhoby_bucket, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. A PCSO is neither a police constable or police cadet. As far as I am aware they do not hold a warrant card (standing by to be told differently) If this is the case then surely in the eyes of the law they have no more and no less power than any other British citizen.
    I would question the judgement of any authority recruiting for a PCSO position any person under the age of about 25. Until this age (and far many after) it's unlikely that they have the maturity to carry out the job effectively.
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    This is just continuing the con that various governments practice on the general public.

    Some years ago all insignia identifying Special Constables was removed from their uniforms so that the general public were under the impression that there were more fully trained Police Officers on the streets.
    They now employ PCSO's at half the cost (or there abouts), and send them out in pairs on patrol, quite a saving there then, thats without the extra uniform costs etc.

    Added to the rediculous amount of paperwork required, which is only needed for the bean counters and government statistics people, and its no wonder that law and order is in such a poor state in the UK.
  3. I do think some youngsters are more mature than their elders so I for one would not suggest a minimum age. I also think that as one of their roles is to be the eyes and ears on the ground they may well be better at identifying some of the younger miscreants in the area. Lets ee how they get on before completley rubbishing the concept.
  4. A mature sixteen year old is an oxymoron
  5. Slim a sizeable percentage of 16 year olds are just morons
  6. I think I like your post better than mine :thumright:
  7. Be interesting to see them trying to take alcohol off a group of their peers......
  8. But equally a good proportion of 25 year olds are equally moronic so why set an age, rather just buy the best you can, I can certainly see situations where 16 yr olds could have more value to the system than older people. If you do not give willing young people the opportunity to prove their value then you will be contributing to the problem rather than trying to solve it.
  9. It would be just as interesting to see a 25 year old try to get booze of a group of 16 year olds. The sixteen year olds will probably know their names and addresses though.
  10. Though this is off topic. Insurance companies base an adult quotation for motor insurance on age 25. Below this age people are loaded due to the fact that they are more likely to be involved in an accident.
    Now I'm not saying that some at 16 year old are less mature than others at 25 year old. However this is a yardstick based on maturity by the best gamblers in the world, the insurance industry.
    I feel that a PCSO needs some maturity to be effective.
  11. I'd like to see them try and stop&search me. No bloody teenager is going to detain me in this lifetime! :rambo:
  12. It could be argued that the insurance industry base their risk assessment on accident figures and actuarial reporting, rather than trying to establish a reason for an incident or accident.

    Accidents result from poor judgement, lack of experience, skylarking etc.

    Notwithstanding that I'd be uncomfortable with recruiting people who can't fulfill the range of duties expected of them, entering pubs being the issue where they're younger than 18.

    Other than that, as long as they pass the criteria for selection then age shouldn't be an issue. Police forces did used to recruit cadets at that age, but one of the former or serving Police Officers can probably clarify whether that is still the case and what constraints exist on their employment. I do remember that regardless of the existence in theory in my local force, they didn't recruit until 25.
  13. Even more interesting to see them enter a Public House and be thrown out by the Landlord for being under age.

  14. Basically the old Police Cadet scheme was a type of apprenticeship. Cadets only ever went on patrol with experienced officers. The idea was I believe to train them to a stage that when eventually they were old enough to become constables they would have had very extensive training and be effective from day one.
  15. What age was that?

    fwiw I was already 18 when I looked at the police, so the Cadet route wasn't an option.
  16. This is from Wikipedia so cannot be relied upon 100% (unlike the Wail).
    Looks like it was 19 when they were let loose on the public.


    Pity they stopped the scheme really, would have been better to join as a cadet at 16 rather than a PCSO in my opinion.
  17. I certainly agree that bringing back the cadetship would be a good idea, but in the meantime a sensible regime as a PCSO could be the best substitute there is. How succesful it is is down to selection and ,management , if they get those right it should go well and perhaps even give us better plods at the end of it.
  18. Perhaps if they could recruit PCSO of a high enough standard there could be a career progression to full time police constable (bit like the old days of mechanician selection in the RN).

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