15yr old daughter wants to join reserves - advice please

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Amum, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. Hi, my daughter wants to join naval reserve. She always been into guides, after school clubs, Sunday school etc (not very sporty she picks dance and netball in PE thinks hockey is rough). She thinks it will be a way of getting fit, earning cash without working at MacDs, and gaining lots of extra qualifications while going to college. She loved earning badges and certificates. Quite frankly she is a sweetie, very innocent and her plan has shocked me and her teachers! We are concerned, and I don't want to be offensive about sailors and all that. Even her tutor is concerned.

    I would really appreciate know a bit more before I let her apply. So far I know about a fitness test and weekly classroom activities. Will she really get paid? Any idea of when and how? How about mixing with people who are a lot older? Will that be a problem? Despite what she says, looking at the site it doesn't look like Young Leaders of bible camp!

    She wants to peruse a career in catering - and thinks the reserves will be a taster. I wouldn't stop her or ban her if she really wants to do it - but she's little and still sleeps with a teddy

    thanks in advance
  2. You say "still sleeps with a teddy" as if it was a bad thing.
    Ninky Poo loves me.
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  3. I applied to join the (real) Navy when I was 15 and joined up a few months later at 16.

    Now I'm an alcoholic with aggression issues, but this isn't a bad thing.

    I'm also rich and have been to 48 different countries.

    Hope this helps.
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  4. Am I going senile or have some of the posts been removed?:(
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    Threads restarted in RNR mate
  6. Does your daughter know that the RNR is a not a kids club but a military organisation that does deploy to war zones?
  7. Hey! I visited my local unit when i was interested in the reserves, and seems to be a varied group of characters and im sure the support would be there. if you contacted them they would accomodate any way they can in giving you and your daughter a 'glimpse' into what it would entail. Although part time i am sure some of the training would still be out of her comfort zone, but everyone will be supportive, and some in the same boat! Theres also info for parents too, you can go along to the initial presentation as well i believe and ask any questions you have to recruiters and seving reservists from the unit and learn more :) You also dont deploy when in full time education and also at that age either. The experience would be good but involve more of a serious commitment then joining a club or something. I would personally give something like duke of edinburugh a go and get the award, build fitness, get used to meeting new people and new experiences- and then join in a few years, but again just my opinion, im sure many would disagree :)
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  8. Private message inbound.
  9. What a coincidence. I am dirty, poor, and I have 49 pence and am wanted in 50 countries.
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  10. But not in this one
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    Extensive self indulgent non contributory crayoning removed.
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    too true SIR lol
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    If anyone has serious advice for the OP (earlier PM noted) please contribute. Those who want to chat about themselves with like minded posters, the chat room is open. Worse than divers.

    The odd funny aside has been left in.
  14. leave this thread alone. I, for one, am enjoying it.
  15. Welcome to Rum Ration, AMum.

    May I ask when your daughter will be leaving school?

    I have to say that I'm a little bemused by your daughter's belief that, as she wants to pursue a career in catering, being in the Reserves "will be a taster".

    What is she planning to do specifically when she leaves school, by the way?
  16. Amum, having seen the way we roll, which is as any RNR unit will, you have an insight into what your daughter may encounter.
    Having said that there is Naval discipline at hand en shop and your daughter would come to no harm on site.
    If your daughter is easily "led" to the dark side its not a place I would expose my daughter at 15.

    However if she is a sensible girl, capable of making good choices and learning to adapt whilst not succumbing to temptation, she will not only fit in, but could well end up running the place given time.
    A snotty nose cadet joined Tamworth sea cadets whilst I was a Civilian Instructor and a few years later did indeed end up running it.

    PC Scott awarded MBE for community work | This is Tamworth
  17. Go fro it

    Amum it is a shame that so many people have put such stupid responses. Your daughter will have great time if she joins the RNR, there are many who have joined before they are 18. However, she must not let it get in the way of her exams etc. She will not be able to formally join (I think) until she is 16, but you can start the process before her birthday. You can do the following: 1) you should contact your local RNR Unit and attend a recruiting evening; 2) You should contact your local AFCO to start the paperwork. The specialisations available to her (once you she has finished New Entry) will not include anything much to do with catering, but I am sure that there are specialisations that will interest her. Her New Entry may take a little longer than normal, because I assume she will only be able to go to HMS Raleigh in school holidays.
  18. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Further to the previous poster's input, confirmation that RNR recruits have to be at least 16.

    FAQs | Royal Navy

    As if it would be otherwise. Lots of information here;

  19. A voice of reason - no wonder this forum is so underused, when the "old and bold" see every thread as a pad of scrap paper.

    To the OP - I am RNR, but think two years in the sea cadets would be a better start; let her transfer when 17/18.
    Yes we do get paid; yes there are loads of oppertunities BUT catering is not yet one of those. Our logistics branch are, at entry level, primarly drivers. She can't apply to that branch with out, at least, a class B.

    Happy to answer what I can via PM
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  20. Serious Head on.

    An accurate observation B-H, IMHO Seadog does try to spread himself across the whole site whenever he's available but he often seems quite alone in that thankless role of separating banter from crayoning.

    As the <<..Moderators of this Forum Karma, Purple_twiglet..>> have been notably absent for quite a while pehaps a round-robin to RR's genuine RNR regular contributors might introduce a fresh bum or two onto these seemingly vacant RNR Moderator's chairs?

    Admittedly I've straying off topic a little but as you raised that valid point it's just a suggestion...

    (Uncle) Bob.

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