15yo Pusser's Rum

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Always_a_Civvy, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. I'm more into Mount Gay or the 7 year old Havana club than pussers, will give it a go though.
  2. You Mount Gays? :shock: :wink: :lol: :grin:
  3. Still got one gallon of the real thing, a stone jar, sealed with red sealing wax on the cork and encased in wicker. Bought it in Gib in '79 on Hermes. I intend to have a real tot time when I finally retire :razz:
  4. That would make my MEMOW very happy!
  5. Bathyman! You know where to send the retirement party invite don't you? PM the moustache cowboy to the left of this post :) x
  6. i have bought a lot of whisky and rum of ebay but refuse to deal with people who charge extortionate amounts for postage and packaging.
    £14.99 you would have been robbed. it costs no more than £5 to send a bottle with a bottle tube included
  7. The landlord at my local got a bottle of Havana club 7 in for me and fairly (I thought) charged me 10p extra a tot, until I found out it cost the same for a bottle as for the rubbish he normally sold! Theres always someone out to make a quick buck on booze!
  8. Shags when using Ebay it is best to total the buying price and p&P together. This way you know how much you are actually paying for the item. The P&P doesnt really enter into the equation if the total is less than you want to pay. :lol:
    Look at some of the P&P on stuff being sold from Hong Kong & China. Its extortionate but the items total price is good.
    Its one way of circumventing Ebays high fees. :smile:
  9. The Pusser's Rum tradition is still alive. In 1979, Charles Tobias–entrepreneur, global sailor, raconteur–sought to resurrect the Pusser's Rum tradition. He obtained the rights and all the blending information from the Admiralty, and formed Pusser's Ltd. on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands and began bottling and selling this storied spirit in 1980 to the public for the first time. (Prior to then, it was restricted to the Royal Navy). British Navy Pusser's Rum is the same Admiralty blend of five West Indian rums as issued on board British warships, and it is with the Admiralty's blessing and approval that Pusser's is now available to the consumer.
  10. Ignore AAC'y sexual inuendo he was with me when we found an Alladin's cave of a bottle shop in Murcia City over 150 malts. about 40 different types of rum including Mount Gay one of my favorites at €8.40 or £5.75 a bottle. They also do Havana Club so I will now try that.

  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Pussers is good and can be bought in decent Off Licences in the UK, comes in around £15 a bottle. Mount Gay, another goody, not sure of the price now but I bought a litre bottle for half a crown (twelve and a half pence to the boys) direct from the distillery, customs charged us £1 a bottle duty on entry to the UK. As that was in 1963 I suppose the prices may have gone up a tad
  12. If you can get pussers for 15£ tell me where the cheapest i have seen it (and baught) 21£ and the fifteen year old come in around 28£ off the internet .The cheapest i can get pussers through the association is 18£
  13. Is that the West Island of Kiwi Land? :grin:
  14. Wish they'd sell it in my local newsagents, Quite hard to get.

    Last time i saw it was in a newsagent in yorkshire.
  15. I bought a litre of Mount Gay rum when I returned from Murcia for something like £12 at the airport. Sadly the airport didn't have any of the standard brandy I drank at Nutty's. That combined cheapness and a sweeter than usual palate with a flavour similar to much more expensive brandies. I also discovered a Cava in that wonderful shop Nutty mentioned (in Murcia) which actually tasted as good as many bog standard Brut champers at twice the price or more (though no match for the Cuvees).

  17. Buckfasts more your level Walt

    Feck Off outa here.

  18. Are you sure it's the real mccoy ?
    Does it have a white band, or a red band painted on the wickerwork ?
    I ask, purely for interest of course and no thought whatsoever of begging a tot or dozen :wink: , because one will be rum - and the other is something quite different...... !!


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