15 minutes of fame

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by seenoffteefcuk, Feb 4, 2010.

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  1. It is a well known saying that everyone gets there 15 minutes of fame.
    If you have any funny ones hit em here.
    I will start off.

    During the FF strike i was based in edingburgh me a wren and a couple of crabs were holed up with 20 blackwatch pongoes in a ta centre watching Trisha, the subject was "Sister stop your stripping" (apparently a common theme) said stripper was sat in seat while sister was chanting at her.
    I said "i know her she strips in my local on a sunday" this was followed by yeah right course you do.
    Then a picture of me and my pals appears full size holding stripper horzontally off the floor while a circled head of the mayor of hartlepool in the background.
    Result i had my 15 minutes of fame and proved the pongoes wrong.
    Just a shame it was on the trisha show.
    (before you start i wasnt watching it the wren was so fcuk you all)
  2. My folks moved to Tamworth from Salford whilst I was out the far flung in 65/66. When I came home to this town it was like going back a century.
    So I am out on the lash in a pub called aptly "The Jolly Sailor" and left the place with a party in tow. We need to cross the river on the road bridge and this invites the idea of a swim it being hot. I strips, she wont come in and wearing my chinky nicks proceed to bathe. She thinks I've drowned as I go the other side of the bridge and she fcuks off to the Police station. I comes out, no clothes,money etc, so I to go to the nick. When I get there in my white chinkies with wonderful big red roses on them there is a local paper photographer there who snaps me pissed and chinkies.
    Any how next day my mum comes home and is still great with me no probs. Then again on Thursday, but Friday she comes home and is fcukin furious, bastard one horse town paper once a week and guess who adorned the front page, in glorious technicolour.
  3. Rumrat

    Now that is interesting; I have access to the Newspaper Collection at the British Library so I'll just have a little look for that picture .........
  4. My grandparents live in Barbados. On my first deployment on the Newcastle we dropped in for a few days. The local press were doing their usual bit on 'British warship visits Bridgetown etc.' when they asked to speak to the youngest crew member, which was me. At the time I was bimbling around 2 Deck trying to sort out my hangover, wearing just my ovies. I was piped to the flight deck, so off I went.

    The press chatted to me for about 5 minutes and then asked ''So what are you looking forward to most about visiting the island?'' I obviously replied ''Visiting my grandparents who live here.''

    After that things go a bit hazy, about 30 film crews clustered around me asking hundreds of questions. Bare in mind that in Barbados it makes the evening news when there is a disagreement about parking, this was a big story. The next day I was on the front page of every Bajan newspaper and my interview was on the evening news. They even printed some mega bullshit story and diary about 4 weeks after I had left saying that I single handedly destroyed the Caribbean drug trade while carrying a 20mm Gambo in each arm.

    Anyway Grandma 2_Deck received loads of gifts from locals over the next few days, including a painting of me in my ovies and Frank Spencer beret with really long sideys. There were also numerous offers of marriage from young Bajan girls hoping to start a new life in England.

    Grandpa 2_Deck was less impressed with the publicity and wanted to kill me.

    Funnily enough I went back to Barbados recently and no one recognised me. Definitely 15 minutes and no more.
  5. Respect Nigger :wink: :D
  6. Cheers blud.
  7. Fell off the train from Pompey to W'loo on a Friday afternon pissed going weekenders and pretty much smashed myself to pieces. Held the line up for hours and made the papers. Was in hospital for months and when i got out bastards had robbed all my kit cos they thought i was dead. Legend in me own standeasy me!!!
  8. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    While holidaying in Portugal a while back, i took this blonde dwarf bird for a drink. Halfway through the night, i suggested a game of hide and seek. God knows where she went. 15 minutes of fame? More like 15 fucking months.
  9. Just to say "thanks" for fcukin my weekend up back then you bastard.
    We was going to "throw" you off next time, but flogged your kit instead. :D

    Do you want to buy a ditty box with some "stuff" in it? :wink:
  10. Don't blame me - i didn't invent blackcat :roll: :roll:
  11. :D :lol: :lol:
  12. No but you sure have learnt to perfect it. :D

    And you still owe me, I was that long getting home I had to marry her to shut her up.
    Bastard :D :wink:
  13. At least u got home shippers - i didnt wake up for a week !
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Anyone ever told you, you look like Alfred Hitchcock?
  15. No. But I think you will find that is a security guard, you can tell he is not a TOG as he is not smiling.
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Silly me.
  17. Yes silly you Ninjie, should have gone to Specsavers?
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Funnily enough I though I had, but when I told the lady I needed some glasses she replied: "You certainly do sir, this is a green grocers".

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