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Has anyone met someone famous/infamous from the dim and distant who wouldn't/couldn't let go of the past?

A friend of mine was pissing up in central London after returning from a Scotland game abroad. There was a guy on his own in the bar who he and his mates thought looked familiar but couldn't place. After a few more beers they realised it was the 70's actor Robin Askwith, star of seventies shagathon, poor mans carry-on movie comedies 'confessions of a window cleaner, driving instructor 'etc being gents they introduced themselves and bought him a beer. After a few more they realised the error of their ways...Robin hadn't let go of his past on the telly and still regarded himself as a bit of an Oliver Tobias/sexual athlete. He told them if they stuck with him that night they would be fighting the birds off with a shitty stick and if they didnt pull they were bent etc etc he invited the Tartan army to his quote private little club unquote where he reigned supreme and everyone was on a winner if they stuck with him. On reaching the club Robin gave them the old 'leave it to me fellas' wink and sauntered up to the doorman seconds later the bouncer is reminding him - he isn't a member, isn't likely to ever be a member and if he doesnt f**k off (as he's been told to do before) he will do him some damage, he turns to the guys and tells them its obviously a big mistake and the doorstaff need rebriefing. After a few more elsewhere he was last seen staggering off into the pissing rain cursing the nineteen nineties.

Still a hero of mine though, anyone who can shag a bird so hard that the shed collapses is a winner in my book.


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LS(M) Mickey Goble ('star' of HMS Brilliant!), in the Cornerhouse pub in Guzz, late '90s... thought he was God's gift and the saviour of the Fleet! :roll:
Dear S Pepper
I have never thought of myself as the saviour of anything, much less the the fleet. I can safely assume that(by your avatar) you are an ex - reggy? Having just had a conversation with an ex RPO of the watch during my drunken haydays of 1995, I was informed that a weeks leave was to be given to the 'Reggy' that lifted me in 'the street' for being pissed. Here we are a mere 13 years on, having never been lifted, this can only add weight to the common belief that most, if not all, Regulators could not investigate thier own trouser pockets successfully! I do not remember meeting you in the Cornerhouse, if indeed I did at all, perhaps if you had managed to hack your original branch you wouldn't be such a bitter person that you seem to be today.
Yours Micky Goble
Radar Branch, not Missile as you mistakenly put! :w00t:


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Dry yer eyes mate!! I forgot about that as soon as I posted it, almost 4 months ago. Your post just confirms my suspicions, so either milk it some more or get over it... :roll:
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