148 Battery Commando

I'm going to meet drafty soon.

I want pinged to 148 Battery (currently a CT) my DO recommended it.

What I know from my career is if you go to drafty and know what you want to do and how you are going to do it. Drafty can (usually) be your friend.

Does anyone know where I can get information on 148 Battery (such as the 10 day aptitude test) and possibly how getting drafted there works.



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Call me old fashioned, but if you are currently a CT, with the amount of time and cash Pusser has invested in you to date, I can't see there being a happy ending to this.

If you have language skills and they need them, possibly an attachment to a RM unit, to 'test the water' so to speak.

Otherwise, you'll have to leave, apply, be accepted and join the RM / RA, pass out and volunteer from there.

But what do I know!


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Have you had a look on the defence intranet and searched through the DINS? There is usually the info in there.
I read that. I'm just wanting to know how applying for it would work.
Is it something you need drafty to do or is it something you need to volunteer for through them.


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Volunteer I would say, I can't imagine a situation where drafty would send some unfit fat knacker off to do AACC, would you?


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Find the relevant DIN and it is all laid out in there.
No being able to access the Intranet at the moment I cannot help further although I believe you will need to be recommended


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RN ratings who serve at 148 Battery are volunteers. There were no CT's when I was there as there was no need for them and can't see why there would be need now. Once volunteered your draft was normally for 5 years with no chance of career progression while there.
Dii is dead..
Ahhh you'd think that, however some bases haven't upgraded yet. Yeah you guessed it, HMS Collingwood hasn't made the change.
So it goes like this.
If you have a DII account and are at a modnet base you can't get access.
If you have a modnet account and are at a DII base it still works.
So obviously pusser in all "it's" wisdom still hands out DII accounts at HMS Collingwood and probably some other bases too.

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