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Have just read Nutty's last post which puts my own simple question into perspective.

Anyway, I have just returned form a weekend away where I have been reading Gavin Menzies book 1421 which I picked up at the airport. Mr Menzies states he was CO of HMS Rorqual and has produced this book about how the Chineses sailed rounf the world in 1421 and discovered everything - but everything! - before the European navigators did and even left charts that could be followed.

There is a web site for this, plus a number of academic sites basically saying that he is giving us another Piltdown Man and that it is all rubish.

If this has been done before I apologise but am curious ot know if anyone knew the author or if anyone has views on his theory.

I read 1421 on the recommendation of a mate (a true believer) and I am not convinced. Menzies has explanations for everything from the "walls" in the ocean off Bimini to the presence of sweet potatoes in New Zealand, including the bizarre theory that many Chinese sailors died of radiation poisoning while unwittingly extracting uranium ore along with lead from mines in the Northern Territory.

It seems impossible, given the size of these ships and the numbers involved, that not one positively identified wreck has been found.

The man has made some money out of it though.


Lantern Swinger
I think some of 1421 is Menzies fantasy and trying to make evidence fit his theort and yes, some of it is bizare and can be explained away.

I am interested in his study of the old maps and the concept that the chinese knew both latidude and longitude before the europeans seems plausable .


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