138/78 BP

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by werqpr, Nov 16, 2009.

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  1. I've just got back from the Dr's and my BP was 138/78, the Dr said it's a little on the high side but only because some people get a little worried before a reading and it's of no concern because it was the first (3) numbers that rose which is pretty normal but if it were the last 2 she'd be worried!!! she mentioned something about "white coat......" question is if I have my medical at Raleigh and it comes out with the same reading will they trow me out? thanks
  2. Aaahhh, sounds like your going to .................... I cant be fecking bothered sorry.
  3. You can't be bothered? sweet cheers pal :wink:
  4. There are loads of threads about blood pressure on here. Use the search button. You've been on here long enough to know how to use it. "White coat" has also been discussed in the past. Angrydoc has covered this subject in the past (if my memory serves me right). Whether he will comment or not remains to be seen. He's probably fed up with the subject.
  5. Thanks Drakey, obs I know your right and this subject has been covered a number of times, the real question is, would "139/78" be concidered ok at basic, I'm aware of the great help angrydoc is and I am very greatful for all his help.
  6. 139/78 is absolutely fine. Upper limit of normal, maybe, but given most people are pretty nervous when having it checked I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. You won't have any bother from a recruitment point of view.

    If it makes you feel any better, my BP is 160/105 (and I am 31!). Must stop being angry!
  7. Depends mate. How old you are, whether your overweight etc. Yes it could have been down to nerves having to go through the medical malarky.
  8. bloody hell!!!
  9. And I'm not overweight, don't smoke and run 3 times a week, before anyone asks!

  10. 8O Quit the running and put some weight on then! It worked for me 8)
  11. Only 3 times a week?? Tsk

  12. I would not worry about a one off reading of 139/78. BP readings vary depending on the time of day.
    Of course going for a medical does not help, especially if the female MO is good looking!
  13. Thanks for the reply's, I know BP readings can go up and down and it best not to worry, it's just i start Raleigh soon and don't wanna do my medical on the monday morning and to be told "well sorry son your Bp's to high pack ya bags and piss off" lol gonna 100% stay off the ale and fryed foods till i go now!! thanks again :wink:
  14. Eat more garlic Doc :D

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