13 year old girls being taken out of school

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Yorkie_S/M, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. Read in todays newspaper and also heard on the TV news that 40 13year old girls had been taken out of school. These of course were of the muslim faith and Pakistani origin. Can you imagine the uproar if that was a white British person. There would be the truant officer, the social services, the police and Uncle Tom Cobley and all chasing the parents, and one of them could even finish up in jail. but nothing happens to these people. I think this is a definate case of race, religious and sex discrimination. This has been going on for years and could be as many as 4000 a year.
  2. Try 300, although some organization in Luton reckons 300 a year just in Luton.

  3. Utter, utter scum. Sounds like a job for the Gene Genie to sort out!
    "Today, Mr and Mrs Khan, your diary entries will read; 'feared that our daughter was turning into a infidel slut, sold her into an abusive marrige in South Asia, then got shot by three armed BASTARDS!!!'
  4. This is the new Multicultural all Inclusive Britain and you are most graciously welcome to it.

    Apparently, we all voted for it.
  5. I don't think we all voted for it, I certainly didn't vote for Mr Blairs lot at any time but regretbly enough English numpties have voted for himn and his mates 3 times and hence the mess we see today.
  6. Although I dislike Blare intensely and Brown the Humourless even more so, I don't think we can place all the blame on Noo Labour. Writing that has really upset me! This is a result of the diverse multicultural society that every Party but one, which dare not be named, seems to support. In Oil_Slick's newspaper link, you will note that the Baroness Warsi ( a Muslim peer and the Conservative spokesman for community cohesion) seems to accept there's a multicultural Britain

    We are not going to resolve anything until we get this "multicultural" boleaux out of our heads.
  7. A bit like:

    The study followed revelations last week that 33 girls were missing from schools in Bradford despite extensive efforts to locate them, amid fears that they were pressured into marriages abroad.

    Drawn straight from the article posted by Oil_Slick, It would be useful if you could link to any other article suggesting that the investigation isn't happening.

    Home schooling remains an option for anyone in the UK, however the more important point is that these girls appear to have gone missing completely, not just out of school. If the individual can't be located at all then it's a bit more significant than bringing in a truancy officer (or whatever they're called nowadays), you're more likely looking at a missing persons enquiry with all the implications of that. I'm sure one of the service coppers could clarify on whether that who would need to start on of them if the family don't raise a report.

    I do find the practice of forced or arranged marriage abhorrent, but it's not unique to Islam.
  8. I could be wrong but I don't think it was the English voters at "fault" but the Jocks. I could be wrong but I think that the Tories got more votes in England than new Liebour. Being a United Kingdom, the number of MPs get bundled together; with a large batch of elected Jock MPs saving New Liebours arse.
  9. Lawn chap
    You are correct. Don't forget that are dear leader, late of the national casino and gold souk, is one of said Jocks. Maybe that's why so many steely greys go north for refit. Who knows, or dares to dream?

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