13 days notice S*****g my pants any last minute tips :D

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by 94seldCO, Jun 6, 2011.

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  1. got a call today, ive been called up early , 7 months early im going raleigh on the 19th june anybody have any tips i could take onboard
  2. Don't forget your iron!!!
  3. Dont Panic!!!!! Ahem Jonesy moment over. Congratulations!!
  4. haha thanks i already have a iron which is good, i will try not to panic i screamed down the phone when i found out i was so shocked haha . i will read that thread now :) thanks :)
  5. Eat loads of bananas and eggs. That should bind you up a little.
  6. Nice, the RN is growing balls at last. Bet that encouraged the others to dig out in the PT sessions!

    OTOH, I'm not surprised about people failing to take up positions, was always on the cards if we made them wait that long.
  7. Ahhh congratulations hun!! How exciting for you! All the best, and keep in contact to let us know how you're getting on :) xx
  8. What a cracking wheeze.
    RN tells potential bods "Sorry young thruster you've got a long wait.".
    Young blood cools their jets thinking "I'll get fit again closer to my expected date." Goes out on the lash, back on the couch with Xbox being the main exercise for a few weeks etc.
    RN then drops the bombshell. Ring, Ring. "Hello is that potential Seaman Blogs? Great news, you're starting at Raleigh next Sunday....hello...hello..who's that crying and screaming where's me f^%$in' trainers Mum!!!!?"
    A classic bite, well done the RN.
  9. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Clean pants....... :)
  10. Just to back up NS, I had a candidate joined recently passed his PJFT twice with good times. Went to Raleigh and failed his run on the Tuesday, was back home on Thursday (knocking on the Army's door).

    It's real. if you fail the Run or the swim (by more than 15%) you will be sent home.

    Keep your fitness up to scratch, just in-case you get that call. Be honest with your careers advisor at the interview! Make sure if you can you attend the RPC at Collingwood/Rosyth before joining, it will let you know if you are at the required standard without wasting everyone's time.

  11. im all good with my fitness i go running a min of 4 times a week and then go for bike rides too, swimmings not a problem having done a personal water survival course all the confidence is there and having lovely cornish beaches around me i swim in the sea rather often. getting sent home is NOT an option i shall be putting every last effort into making sure i pass everything to the best of my ability and even better. ive been on RPC and loved it i got called behind and told i was the best female 'recruit' (proud times) i hadnt doen much training before i went on this and i consider myself now alot fitter than i was then and it wasnt too bad the hardest bit was the circuits as the pti beasted us as some lads messed around haha. i cannot play the xbox to save my lif so thats good then and staying inside for too long does my head in and i dont really go out on the lash that much as im a minor oh the joys older looks can only get you so far:pbring it on 12 days time i cant wait 'rah-rah' i will defo keep in contact and let u know how things go :)the words of wisdom from 2DD were very helpful, i utterly more confident now and determined to get through it. only down side is that im only 17 nd 3 months so im likely to be the baby of the class and also 11:59pm will be a very real time to remember :( and yes i will have brand new cleanpants to take there :p im off to spend a small fourtune tomorrow on all my kit :Dthanks to all i will let you know how i get on hopefully it will be a quick message on her over summer leave and not anytime soon , infact it will be a message over summer leave as failure is not a option :O
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  12. Good luck to you.
  13. Wishing you loads of luck! You sound so confident, it's nice to hear of someone so determined. Hope you do really really well, I think you will.
  14. And breathe.
    I wasn't totally serious, good luck, do your best in all you're asked to do and you won't go far wrong.
  15. ;-) Don't be first but don't be last. Don't draw attention to yourself, the least senior rates that can pick you out in a crowd the better.Keep your and eyes and ears open and your mouth shut.I don't know todays policy on hair length but I found an oversized hat a help in that area and when I grew a set it took the attention away from the need for a hair cut. Do not try to project a hard case image you will be rumbled in ten seconds flat. And always have a chitty to cover your arse. I am not the best example, finishing up as a no badge fcuk all.But I had a great time and lots of data in my memory banks,although not all of them fond ones.:evil3::pottytrain2:
  16. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Good luck 94; but remember the Good Lord gave you two ears but only one mouth for a very good reason. Listen and learn.
  17. jockpopeye

    jockpopeye Badgeman Book Reviewer

    Remember that lots of others would like to be in your place, so appreciate it and try to enjoy it, as before too long you will be passing out.

    ...and don't fall off the assault course.
  18. :winkrazz:
  19. Don't bring too many civi clothes. You won't need them! Get one of they sticky rollers for clothes, they don't like fluff here. And enjoy your sleep while you can!
    Don't worry too much, everyone is in the same boat. See you soon!

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