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supermario said:
Waspie - not truly sure you are giving these guys the correct info. If a branch is full we only put them on a waiting list until a date becomes available. The Navy is not currently downsizing and there has been no increase in people applying to join. In fact, at the moment we are recruiting more than in some previous years, especially in certain branches.



Sorry, I know your in the know!!!! But as I said, my theory and only that, as I said.


Hello all, just joined the RumRaion today as i have an issue concerining my RoyalNaval application, I have been down to my AFCO in Exeter and completed my final interview as well as my medical, prior to that i completed the entrance test and also an eye test at the opticians round the corner. Being sucessful throughout my application i have been put on the waiting list for to join as an Hydrography oceanography and meterology specialist. I was aware that there were waiting times for a number of job/trades in the royal navy, but was unclear of the waiting list for this trade, until i completed my interview. When i found out that i have just been put on a 20 month waiting list. Obviously this is a long time, and as you can imagine i am more than eager to get stuck in. What are the chances this waiting list time could decrease? will it increase? I also mentioned the possiblity of joining as another specialist type with a lower waiting list, but this option was quickly dissmissed by the W01 interviewing me. Do i use the time wisely and go travelling for a while/visit relatives before i join the navy?

i know i'm dragging this out but i thought i'd also mention, that as soon as i arrived home in barnstaple my Army careers advisor from the office here in Barnstaple called me and was very interested in how i was doing etc, after showing very little interest since i applied for service in the British army back in June. interested in how my training was going etc and to say that i should hopefully be able to go to the ADSC in december.

its seems as though,

the Navy are happy with me to Join but i'll have to wait 20 months

and the army havent been but now are and i could be in at the start of the new year.

but i'm alot more interested in service with the royal navy, the job etc, but i hve the wait, or do i join the force i'm not 100% on joining anymore after seeing the oportunities in the royal navy. but theres no wait.

Some advice would be greatly recived.

Many thanks


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do the waiting times jump alot??

For example, in July i was told its 4 months for CT, In August i was told it had gone to 6 and now in October its 8 motnhs. Will they keep putting it up or will it come down?? Whats the chances??


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Do the job you want to do, not the one that'll get you in quickest, WE REALLY REALLY MEAN IT. You're going to have to do your job of choice for at least 2.5 years after your PVR (pre voluntary release) date expires, and if it's something you hate but got you in quickly, 2.5 years is a bloody long time!

Changing branch when you're in is hard, and NEVER EVER guaranteed, don't even entertain it as a career path until you've got the manning clearance in your hand.


Yep fair play! Just not quite sure what to do with myself for the next 20 months though, will i have to re do my medical/hearing/eyetests/fitness tests? am planning on doing something Navy related on my once a month or something to keep the interest flowing, trips to HMS victory/The Mary Rose etc, and continually reading naval litriture. Any other ideas? Could the 20 months decrease? Would that be down to people dropping out/failing tests/what else could shorten the time? The Navy introducing new ships/oporations where more sailors in specific roles are required?

in short, what is the likely hood of that stated 20 months decreasing?and why?

again many thanks


i applied for SEA in january passed all my tests and medical and PRFT by march went on a RNAC in july had a amazing time up thier, got lots of information, and i still have not got my date yet my AFCO said i should here something before christmas its been a long wait, but i cant wait to join looking foward, i train daily running, swiming, press-ups etc, good luck to everyone else


Well done Stanley on passing those stated above, I am going in as a diver and have just recently passed my interview and medical also, my peda is in may :O might anyone know 'IF' i do pass that when my basic training might start?

Thanks, Harry

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