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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Stefan_grainger, Sep 8, 2008.

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  1. Just spoke to my AFCO and been told the wait for Seaman Spec is now 12 months from the initial 9 months i was told in April.

    I'm absolutely devostated, suppose it gives me more time to train though!
  2. Unfortunately that is the case, Seaman spec has gone up to 12 months as things stand today. It's always a problem if you go for one of the smaller and more popular branches.


  3. So what's the wait for my second choice, Warfare Specialist (Above Water Warfare) ?
  4. The waiting time for Warfare Spec is about 3 months at the moment.


  5. It will be worth the wait if it's really what you want to do.

    I have a theory that they give you a year, or less, to see if you really want the navy as a career. If after the year you go back - indications are you are genuine about your wish to enlist.

    Don't return after the year, the navy has lost nothing. In fact it may have saved itself and you if you don't like the career you chose.

    It's only a theory.
  6. Bit of a bad theory in my opinion because if that were the case then they would want to do the same with every new entry to the RN despite what branch you choose.

    As SM pointed out It’s due to the fact that the branch is small and fairly new from what I can gather!

    In all fairness it is a blessing in disguise for personal reasons and my family are now happy I will now be about for Christmas.

    Despite this though I am still ridiculously excited about starting.
  7. SG, If the recruiting figures for a trade have been met, then the logical thing to do is put you on hold for a year until numbers are needed.

    With all the armed services down sizing and numbers wishing to join increasing - well I will let you work that equation out!

    My theory was born by experience with my son, he wanted to be a Survival Equipment rating, again a specialised and therefore small trade. Also several months working in a recruiting centre prior to waiting to become a Careers Advisor. (Which never happened). Another story!
  8. I see, well I stand corrected then. I just want to get stuck in. My interviewer was saying to me I should really consider looking into Warfare Specialist as it was only a 3 month wait, but my heart is set on SS so I don't mind the wait
  9. I waited ten months mate it will come round fast just keep yourself busy and fit and the time for you to go will be on the doorstep. Only 3 three weeks till I go and I can't believe how quick time has gone past.
  10. My only worry is at 35 time is running out. I handed in my application back in July.

    It would be a shame to miss out on SEA as I was keen on operating the deck guns, ribs and getting hands-on with RAS.

    As stated my next "level" on interest would be as WS(AWW).
  11. I would like to give you all one piece of advice. Wait for the Job you want, you will only regret it later otherwise.

    Black2Blue - You should get in as a Sea Spec, but your Careers Advisor will keep you informed on waiting times and I'm sure they will do their very best to get you into the Job you want.

    Waspie - not truly sure you are giving these guys the correct info. If a branch is full we only put them on a waiting list until a date becomes available. The Navy is not currently downsizing and there has been no increase in people applying to join. In fact, at the moment we are recruiting more than in some previous years, especially in certain branches.


  12. Mario, how popular exactly is the aircrew route?
  13. Being rating aircrew, but working alongside the officer aircrew. You get a feel for their side of life.

    I can only comment on what it was when I was in the RN but there was always a goodly supply of volunteers for officer aircrew. Those that failed the flying selection for pilot where offered Observer aircrew, (navigator/tactical) in Lynx or Merlin.

    I have to say also, that after 4 years or so many had itchy feet and wanted out.

    So you get the full picture, officer aircrew do many more jobs than simply flying duties. They are expected to get there watch keeping ticket on board as well as loads of administrative work. Writing reports on the chaps they are responsible for. Don't get suckered into thing a pilot does burger all else bar flying.
  14. Hi Sentenashi,

    When ever we go out to careers conventions/School/College/Universities there is always a lot of people who are very interested in becoming Pilots. Not so many want Observer. There is quite a large failure rate at flying aptitude. It's not necessarily true that if you fail you will be offered Observer, but it is an option the Navy may offer you.

    Hope this helps

    Neil - Supermario

  15. Yeah, I can imagine that lots of people fail FATs.. maybe my extensive video game experience will help in the whole hand eye co-ordination thing haha.

    If I fail at becoming a pilot (which there seems to be a high risk of) I'll be perfectly happy going in as an observer, if I even make the grade for that role.

    Thanks for the reply.
  16. Way back in the 70's and 80's when I was in the aircrew selection process. The biggest failure rate was the medical.

    There are oodles of very clever people out there and the medical was the one thing that worried all of us.

    It was not unusual to come out of the medical selection with a plethora of appointment for ailments individuals were not aware of. Not always a bad thing though.

    I came out of the 2 day affair knowing one of the many heart muscles I had was out of sync! No prob's, I still got through.

    They check and measure nigh on everything. I doubt you will ever get such a stringent med test in your life. After all the mob is going to invest a huge amount of tax payers money on you.
  17. Do they have to go inside you?
  18. If you mean legs apart - spread em.


    They will also do likewise when you pass and get to the survival phase of aircrew training!!!!! As they say - another story.
  19. 12 months sounds about right to be honest. I passed my RT back in January and I start my basic on January 18th 2009. Has been a very long wait, and the longest "9 months" (the qouted waiting time i originaly got) I have ever had to experience. The wait is almost over and the time is coming round quick, just like people said it would. (although it never seems it at the time).

    Its worth holding out for the job that you 'really' want. Lets just hope that after all that waiting it is not an anti-climax.
  20. On one hand this is what I think, on the other you have to ask why so many peeps are going for this branch?

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