12 month wait to join as a WESM

Depends who told you. If the guy in the pub told you, it's probably bollocks; if your AFCO told you, I'd say it's more than likely to be correct.
If your AFCO told you then its likely to be pretty accurate!

But there still all the testing to do in that time - and the RNAC - and prep fitness wise so 12 months for a job you want isnt really that much of a wait.
Just got my date for Raleigh - joining as a WESM, 29th November, I started the process back in October last year. So he's probably about right.
I did have a 3 month delay for medical assesment though.
Im happy to wait.
I was just rather shocked by the time scale....

I've revised so much for the RT my heads going to explode. doing loads of maths / english / mechanics psychometric test to a stop watch....

im getting an average score of 90%..... does anyone know if this is a high enough score for the real RT for this role... They wont tell me in the recruitment office.
If the AFCO won't tell you, then people on here aren't likely to know :?

Though I do know (from reading on here :lol: ) that AET requires the highest score out of all the engineering trades, and that the score needed is ~67%

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