12 month wait after AIB..


Lantern Swinger
So I went for my AIB a few weeks ago and was unsuccessful - overall I thought I did OK in PlanEx and Leadership tasks, though my interview was a bit of a shocker! I was told that I was on the right tracks and the Board Pres said he expects to see me back at AIB in 12 months time which is all good. I just wanted to see if anyone else had experienced this or is currently in their 12 month wait and what kind of things people are doing to boost their applications for next time around. I fell down on lack of leadership experience according to the president, and so far have organised to go on a 3 week expedition in the Summer months.


Lantern Swinger
c'est la vie cityboy, Could have been worse, they could have said not to come back.
Put it this way, you now have a year to have razor sharp RN knowledge, attain good leadership experiences and be on top form fitness wise.
Also you now have an idea of what AIB entails

Anyway good luck for the future, and don't get too disheartened mate


Lantern Swinger
Yeah I haven't let it get me down at all, and like you say - at least I got invited back!! It will feel more comfortable next time now I know what to expect aswell! In the interview I just didn't really sell myself I guess - I could have talked about so many more things that I just didn't think about at the time - all comes down to prep at the end of the day I am sure, and next time I will be fine. Onwards and upwards!


I haven't been to AIB yet (1 week today) so I don't know if I have what they're looking for or not but I do feel I have a few leadership examples.
Check this website out http://www.do-it.org.uk/ I became a Scout Leader and signed up as an Appropriate Adult through an advert on here.
Have you had a debreif to confirm where you went wrong? Not to sound harsh but just because you think you did well in the PlanEx etc doesn't mean you were what they were looking for, just make sure you have as much information as possible to not make the same mistakes.
One thing I'm struggling to have an interesting answer for is the challenge questions, have you set yourself many challenges? I've been getting involved in charity runs to try and cover this.