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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by flynavy, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. can anyone help me and provide a NSN for a Standard TS F8W/33 light bulb. It has come out of one of our lead lamps but we cannot get a number from anywhere, I recall that it looks similar to the light tubes we used onboard.

    it is 12 inches long, has the 2 prongs at both ends and is a 8 watt rated tube.
  2. You can get them in B&Q and most caravan or boaty shops.

    As for NSN your guess is probably better than mine
  3. Unfortunately I am on a RAF Squadron and cant just go and buy them but have to explore every avenue so to speak but that will be the next choice!
  4. Talk about teasing................12 inches and then find out it's a light :twisted:
  5. if i put in the title it was about a light tube i would not have got any body looking!
  6. In that case perhaps the only option it to iompress some femail JD with your 12 inches and persuade her to find the number for you. (back in the old days the number used to be stamoed on everything so that Dockyard Plod cound identify it as pussers as you tried to smuggle it out the gate.
  7. Could be a turn-on. :lol:
  8. Doesn't look like anyone can shed any light on this, maybe a bright spark will be along later to illuminate the path for you.

    If not use a DC spot, you can't hold a candle to them.

    (that's enough light banter for now)
  9. I can't understand watt all this is about so I'm going ohm.

  10. You obviously have a low resistance to this, your capacitance for work will increase when your inductance course is complete.
  11. I believe they are currently unavailable...
  12. Shocking.
  13. Watch it, tree huggers will be along, spouting 'save the planet' tripe :lol:
  14. Some course are fused together, switched from single contact to prevent people being polarised.
  15. You'll go far. A day talking about this is very educational. :D
  16. Very good Henry :D
  17. Come on guys, stop making light of this .....

  18. Might put some AC/DC on.....................................

    ok ok ok I'll get my coat
  19. Never knew you worked both poles (or should that be Poles)
  20. I bet this for the one in your garage, you pikey git!!! :D

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