12 hours in Riga


Lantern Swinger

serious one this. Me and me mates have 12 hour sin Riga waiting for our connecting flight on Friday (don't ask... the planning has been a mare)...

Anybody been there? Anybody any ideas how to fill 12 hours? This can include beer, but bearing in mind we need to get on another flight and it can include watching wimmin take their clothes off. Over to you sputniki!
I went to Riga last year. Cant remember the majority of it - head to the old town, theres a couple of big squares there (head for the huge memorial, walk towards the McDonalds and keep walking through to the squares).
The bars have outdoor seating, bloody gorgeous barmaids, and cheap booze. Try Balsam (not sure of spelling) - a local black liquor. Thatll sort you all out - took the hairs off my arrse when i had it.


PS dont go in any strip joint that has bouncers on the doors - its a certainty they wont let you back out unless you pay a ridiculous bar bill.


Lantern Swinger
superb stuff. That comrade is useful advice. I shall try that drink. Its sensible if you have to get a plane in eastern europe to be 157.38% battered...
Riga.............ahhh I remember that place well!

As said before, head for the old town, it's beautiful! In the main square (which is right next to a night club called 'the pepsi club'), you will find some tent like bars, if the weather is lovely and sunny, it would be nice to sit out with a few beers. To the left of the square, there is a small casino on the corner, if you enter, do not show any kind of ID that shows you are military, the bouncers will kick you straight off.

Oh and the same advice above, if you enter a lap dancing joint, you'll need to place som emoney before leaving, deemed rude if not :dwarf:

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