12 February 1942



12 February 1942 6 Swordfish aircraft attacked 3 German Battle Cruisers and other German warships off Dover. Lt Cmd Esmonde DSO won a Victoria Cross. Other pilots and observers were awarded gallantry medals.
NA1 Bunce was awarded a Conspicuous Gallantry Medal-- illustrated.
Not one of the Swordfish aircraft survived. We salute them.


Donald Bunce

Died : 29 / 9 / 2008​
CPO Donald Bunce CGM (deceased)

Joined FAA in January 1940 and trained as a Telegraphist Air Gunner (TAG). Don was drafted to 825 Squadron and then transferred to HMS Victorious at Scapa Flow, joining HMS Hood and HMS Prince of Wales. Torpedo attack on "Bismarck" same day as HMS Hood was sunk. His Squadron later transferred to HMS Ark Royal for Malta Convoys etc until she was torpedoed and sunk. The Squadron reformed at Lee-on-Solent and sent to Manston, Kent where they prepared for the night attack on "Scharnhorst", "Gneisehau" and "Prinz Eugen". This turned into a daylight raid on 12th February 1942 and all the aircraft were shot down, with only five survivors – four officers and CPO Bunce himself. From then on Don transferred to training squadrons. He was demobbed in January 1946. He died on 29th September 2008.​

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