11 years and an empty PF - Missing RORRS reps, letters..

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by _royal_, Jul 26, 2009.

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  1. Can someone more knowledgeable than myself give me a hand here please:

    I got hold of my PF the other day and had a sneaky butchers as you do and found it to be half the thickness it should be. I've done near on 11 years and it's only got a couple of old RORRS reports in, the most recent being 3 years ago. 8O

    It's missing about 5 RORRS reports, two or three letters of commendation (which were in there last time I saw it about 4 years ago) and a whole bunch of other stuff charting my career.

    I know the Corps can be pretty Blase about admin but this is taking the urine. Admittedly my Career's doing good but it would be nice to think my achievements are being officially recorded somewhere...

    Am I missing something here, Is there a database to backup my empty PF or do I need to grip this and take it up with my CoC?
    I've raised it with my SSM and he's not bothered. Reckons so long as I've got my most recent RORRS/SJAR I'm alright!
  2. Alright Royal,

    Funnily enough I'm in exactly the same boat, I had to have a sneaky peek through my PF for a possible transfer I was looking at and found myself in exactly the same predicament. Missing RORRS and far less than there should be, content wise. I'm on 11 and a half years and have just submitted my notice. All be it I'm not overly concerned at this stage it's frustrating that someone has obviously lost/shredded/misplaced/binned important info relating to our careers. When I voiced my concerns alas the same response was given. "It's your last RORRS that counts, everything before that is superceeded by that anyway, don't worry about it"

    Cheers Easy!

    Hope you get to the bottom of it buddy.

  3. Thanks mate.
    As ever, it's reassuring to know I'm not alone but this is out of order. The failure in my mind is attitude. The army (generally) take admin like this deadly seriously and we don't. 11 years in the army would get you a fat PF listing every course/exercise/operation you've ever done and how you did, letters of commendation, drafting history, etc. It's all well and good having a solid reputation amongst colleagues but for outside agencies that's not enough. '11 Years in the RM' looks good on a CV and will open doors with any company who knows their capbadges and is looking to employ decent blokes but having the paperwork to back it up is important also.
    The first time I went to the 'Stan in 2002 it was missed from my RORRS for that year until I mentioned it as I was about to sign it. The unit had been so busy post 9/11 that RORRS took a backseat and they all got written up late, on a fag packet, on a friday morning, by a SNCO who had just joined the unit. The Boss's response was priceless: "Well spotted Marine x, let me amend it."

    The entire crux of this problem I think is the relaxed RM attitude which whilst great for dealing with challenges, doesn't cut it in arenas where it's all about attention to detail.
  4. Nail squarely on head.

    You need your past reports, write ups, chuck ups and anything else that makes you look like an all round good egg and snappy dresser, for when you disappear into civvy street. Everything that you've ever done may be needed as evidence when applying for a civvy job, and your last RORRS report is not sufficent as it will not necessarily show what you've done previously.

    Don't be lulled into thinking that being in the forces is automatically a shoe-in to a job interview, either. You need to be up to date with your qualifications and have solid evidence of your experience and achievements if you want to stand a chance of competing with civvies. Despite half of them not being able to construct a sentence without it being littered with spelling mistakes, punctuation & grammatical errors or txt spk (as has been frequently seen on here), if they have the qualifications and you don't, you won't even get looked at.
  5. On a slightly different matter, but are we allowed to inspect our service docs? Do we have a right under the Data Protection Act, or some variation?
  6. You certainly do.
  7. Hi,

    I've recently had to get my arse in gear and start to get my PDR in order - used it as a doorstop after Dartmouth. My UPO was quite useful and said that all old reports have been archived on JPA. As you can imagine, I was sceptical but they were all there under My Appraisals. Not sure if it has happened across the Fleet but it's worth a look
  8. Get hold of the Disclosures Cell at West Battery, Whale Island who should have all of your reports on file. You'll need to apply for them in writing and provide copies of a valid form of ID.
  9. Fukc alls changed then, I left the Corps In 06, Got handed a discharge paper that looks like it was created on a fukcing Nintendo and the CO's testamonial on me was a pretty incorrect cuff job. Could'nt ammend sod all because the unit was in Norway and to be honest with you I just wanted to be as far removed from it all as possible. The Corps admin was/is awful. I think from 8 years i only had 3 maybe 4 RORRS in my PF.
    So far in my experience in civvy street most employers only want to see your Discharge paper and Testomonial.
  10. Where to start, bite on.
    1. There should be no copies of your SJAR/RORRS/365As in your PF.
    2. As a candidate (you mention no rank) you should have seen and signed all reports. You should have received a copy. If you weren't offered a copy you should have asked for one. Each Unit has a pack, which is destroyed when you leave the Unit. This ensures (as does having no reports in the PF) that bad news doesn't follow you.
    3. 11 years, does that catch 141?
    4. "Letters of commendation" are given to the recipient and copies are placed in the PF. Do you mean letters bigging you up for a particular event ie "Mne Smith has recently been attached to my company and I think he's great." as opposed to "...displayed exemplary iniative in building the ramp that saved little Johnny's life from yoghurt cartons and 2 crisp packets. He then proceeded to ignore the danger...".
    5. Every man has been issued (and most have ignored) the PDR, a strangely GD as opposed to tech thing.
    6. Every man has the right to see his PF. Periodically they may be weeded but every folio that is in there is numbered and on removal will be recorded (this weeding record should then itself be inserted).
    7. Get a life, you've been in 11 years for "unidentified diety's" sake . If you believe that official documents that may be useful to you have gone missing do something about it. If you have a SSM you have a Tp commander and OC. If you are really concerned take it up with the CoC as you suggested yourself.

    Bite off


    Edited to add are you in CSG, Logs or that boat thing!?
  11. Cheers gents. I've since accounted for all but two RORRS and will be getting on to Whale Island for the rest. Ta for the tip re JPA, didn't know that. I've found copies for some letters in the attic so I'll bang them in.
    IMD: Your post was vaguely helpful in places but you sound like a chopper so I'll disregard it.

  12. A chopper I may be but my post was basically showing my annoyance. I am, you see, blessed with 20-20 hindsight and during your 11 years of service I had call to administer, at various levels, many PFs, 365A, RORRs, 141, etc and I have also been involved in writing the above as well as letters of commendation, testimonials, valedictory letters, etc. One thing I have always tried to impress on my candidates and NCOs was that they had a responsibility to themselves to ensure that they knew the systems (promotion, reporting, pay, allowances, etc), knew what to do if they thought that the system wasn't being followed and how they could ensure that they weren't unfairly disadvantaged by someone else’s actions. Frankly it just p*sses me off that a man that has done 11 years appears not to know these things. There could be several reasons for this; none of yours 5+ Tp OCs, Tp Sgts, C/SSM or your many section commanders (or equivalent) has told you, you’ve never discussed it with any of your oppos who do know the system, you could have been the victim of G1 mismanagement (none of us are perfect and those responsible will make mistakes, I know I have), you may have forgotten what you have been told in the past or , very unlikely I realise, you may have ignored the information you have been given and are prepared to blame others for your own failings. Another thought that immediately came to mind was why you would raise this on the internet rather than going through the CoC, asking oppos, the clerks in the various departments, etc.
    So again, yes, I may be a chopper (self righteous, moralistic, bombastic, opinionated) but I would prefer to rely on the opinion of someone that actually knows me and what I have done during my career (now over) rather than your assumption based on one post. I sincerely hope you do find your missing info but if I may give one more piece of unwanted advice, if advice is useful don’t allow your feelings about the source to influence your use of that advice!

  13. IMD,
    Easy fella not every one was blessed with your amazing foresight, intelligence and experience.

  14. Not foresight, as I said 20-20 hindsight, I never claimed an excess of intelligence but experience, yes. As has Royal, 11 years of it. I have no personal gripe about him but this is about individual responsibility, including the fundamental knowledge all RM should seek to have, as well as possible mismanagement by his various superiors over several years. This is one of those subjects, having had a fair amount of experience of it and from both sides of the fence, that irks me. No problem it is the internet after all!

    I'll add tit to the growing list of my faults, 2 more and I become a Fellow of the Victor Meldrew Association.


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