10th Anniversary of Hong Kong Handover - Eternal Optimism

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by chinamatelot, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. Thanks Mags!


    Hong Kong is gearing up for the 10th anniversary of the handover.

    Still, Hong Kong remains interesting - lots of people have delusions of democracy!

    Remains the best place to do business in Asia Pacific though.

    Pubs still good, LBFM's all over the place, I think the beer is cheaper here now than in London!

    I remember when Britannia sailed out - boy, what a moment of emotion that was. Totally ratarsed that day and night and next day. Not the only one mind you!

    Anyway, been here over 14 years now and no intention of leaving the place.

    China. :wave:


    And now it's here - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2007/07/01/whong101.xml

    The poor little darlings will be so disappointed one day when reality kicks in.

    I'll be in Wanchai with a cold beer in hand to watch them march in the heat!

    (BTW in the piccie, I'm the one on the right. Late night pissups are killing me!)

    China :thumright:
  2. Re: 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong Handover

    I was in the guard for the handover. i did the midnight handover before we got on to the ferry to take us to the RFA Sir Percivile. I turned the lights out!!! 10 years ago, the last matelot to leave.....brings a tear to me eye!!!

    Alot of good memories while staying on stone cutters. A few wets in town with the local girls...Happy Days.

    I havent heard much, infact any thing about the handover. No internet coverage or even Navy News. Surely it has not been forgotten.

    Good to hear the beer is cheap. It always make a matelot happy!!

  3. Re: 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong Handover

    I was on HMS Fearless for the HK HO- didnt get to go alongside - just in the line up for cheer to HRH--- :wav:

    sad day-- and nearly lost cap over the side!! :oops: :oops:
  4. Re: 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong Handover

    I was there with you BH but on the Staff of Commodore Amphibious Warfare rather than ships's company. Did you do the fantastic 6 day run ashore in Manila? I think I'm just getting over that now!
  5. Re: 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong Handover

    Was there as the AC on HMS Chatham, was quite a night, all the ex pats on the Jetty..waving goodbye to us.

    Have some top phots , i must dig them out and put them on here.

    We only had a few hours in manila..then again we did get a month alongside in Hong Kong before the handover...and because we did so well we got 16 days in Thailand as a standoff!.
  6. Re: 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong Handover

    That would be good if you can post them - I think a few of us ex-pats will be having a wet or two as the day passes by! The Chinese will probably work up a bit of a frenzy - we'll let it pass by with Carlsbergs and Jamesons in hand!

    Did anyone go in the Hobbit house on the Manila run or the Firehouse?

  7. Re: 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong Handover

    Have happy memories of Hong Kong, not from service time but business. My principle Agent for part of the far flung was based in Hong Kong, lived for some of the time out on Chung Chow (or something like that) one of the outer islands, had a super pad on the beach, kept his hobie cat at the bottom of his garden. I always stayed Kowloon side, my main business in HK was trying to get orders out of Kowloon Canton railway company, and have happy memories of good nights out in the many bars around there.
  8. Re: 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong Handover

    Know where you mean, Cheung Chau. Good place to crash.

    Ever go to Knutsford Terrace in TST or Deleaneys? Prat Avenue also good for a few beers.

    BTW - KCR and MTR are looking to merge - just in case you've got a business opportunity.


  9. Re: 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong Handover

    Hong Kong has come along in great strides in recent years, yet still has the 'old' mixed in with the new.
    Mind you I have yet to be on a BA flight into there on which the crew did not announce that we'll shortly be landing at 'Jetblackcock airport'.
    A bus trip from Central out to Stanley is still one of my favourite things to do.
    I always feel safe there and have met some lovely people.
  10. Re: 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong Handover

    Thanks for the heads up on KCR and MCT, but haven't been involved in the transport industry for nearly 20 years, and do you really think I would be able to remeber where I was drinking.

    Ever eat at the Cheung Chau market by the pier, had an excellent meal there one night with a bottle of scotch as the wine. (thanks for the correct spelling)

    Good place for lunch used to be the Marine Plice Mess in Kowloon if you knew the right people, wrote off a couple of afternoons there.
  11. Re: 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong Handover

    Not sure when you were here so worth a shot on the drinking haunts!

    Cheung Chau market still goes on - as does the Bun Festival. Like to get there on a junk from time to time for the seafood long afternoon sesh.

    I know a couple of bods in the Police - they have a given me a few self induced headaches in their mess on a few occasions!

    Did you ever get to the Frog and Toad across from Cheung Chau on South Lantau? Some stories I am sure to be told on that one - I have a few!!!
  12. Re: 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong Handover

    Last matelot to turn the lights out...end of dit!!!!!
  13. Re: 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong Handover

    Never understood why you guys turned the place over... i mean, you guys had a lot of history there and the government you signed the treaty with wasn't the one you turned the place over to.
  14. Re: 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong Handover

    Well done for that .
  15. Re: 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong Handover

    Agree with you "jarhead" , dare say both of us will lambasted by some , but what the fxxk , all good fun .
  16. Re: 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong Handover

    Much better historians can answer the question of why we handed back.

    Water and defending the place have a lot to do with it. Hong Kong Island didn't have to be handed back, but I think the NT's had to be. Hong Kong depends on water from the mainland and if they decided to cut it off, we would be in deep doggy doo doo.

    I'm sure someone could give a better explanation.
  17. Re: 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong Handover

    i mean, i know the legal reasons behind it, but i still think ya should have kept the place.
  18. Re: 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong Handover

    Personally I think we should have kept America, but for legal reasons, we gave you independence.

  19. Re: 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong Handover

    Well, without surface ships and a shitload of infantry to defend the place, I suppose a SSBN permanently parked in Victoria Harbour would be a bit of a deterrent.

    Hoards of PLA storming across the border springs to mind why we couldn't keep it - they have more cannon fodder than us.

    Nice thought though. I wish we had!
  20. Re: 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong Handover

    Honkers - selling spare berthing lines to Jennys side party.
    - food poisoning from a dodgy pie in Ned Kellys :pukel:
    - far too much beer in the China Fleet Club
    - trying to rabbit the brass cannon from outside the admin building in TAMAR

    The list goes on. Always a top run and great for rabbits before going home.

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