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Doing my first 10k in a couple of weeks any tips I've never ran with lots of people,I'm doing the run with a few guys from work so the banter had been flowing as to who will get the quickest time and I need all the help I can get.


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First of all good luck with your first 10K. Go out with the mind to enjoy it, as it's your first it will be a PB regardless.

There is two ways you could attack it, you could run a positive split where you first 5K is fast than the second 5k, ie you go balls out from the start.

Or you could negative split it by running a slower first 5k than the second 5k. Start at a comfortable pace and slowly build up the pace as you go. So as you get to the half way mark you really start to drop a gear and increase. It's how I prefer to run my races. It's also great over taken all those that went off way to fast, and it leaves you with some in the tank for a great sprint finish.

That's based on that you've trained for the 10K, if you are just going out to finish it, ignore the above and just go out enjoy the miles.

Which 10K is it?


Cheers for the tips on split running it never thought of it like that no I'm young out to compete not to just complete it's the swindon 10k


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Try not to get caught up in the atmosphere too much if you're out to compete. Many people go off way tooo fast as they are sucked up by the faster runners. It's easy to do, go out at the pace you want, control it that way.


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We do it, until we learn to control it. Although you don't realise it until you realise your energy has been zapped. Main thing is though go out to enjoy it regardless.
I have finally learnt to switch off and think of totally random things, from planning RNA events to counting Windows on buildings, giving each one a price and working out the total, makes the time fly and you forget about the pain :)
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Before I run I accept that there are going to be times when it's going to be
Ruff!! and that its them times which if you stick it out make you a better runner !!! But each to there own
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