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Discussion in 'RMR' started by 1ManRiot, Sep 24, 2007.

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  1. As above! Good luck to you guys! We're already 5 men down and we haven't hit Weekend 1 yet, so all the best, be good to see who's here at the end (should I make it myself!) :thumright:
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Good luck guys, as already stated.

    I'm afraid this is where the high attrition rate kicks in & will whittle the numbers down to about 15% of the original people passing selection being Commandos this time next year.

    Hopefully the RMR will prove me wrong, fingers crossed.

    Edited to add: 4 have "fallen by the wayside" already.
  3. Alright 1 Man Riot, nice to put a face to the name on the weekend mate. Gonna be hard work pal, but just grit our teeth and get through it. Ill see you tonight eh mate? You down at LivDet training with us arnt you?
  4. I Take It the weekend was a good 1 then rust
  5. Yeah Chris, the weekend was superb, tiring/dull though. Alot of Paperwork to be completed, which was boring. We got issued our kit (Webbing, Bergen ect) we had to put that together. Got a few lectures on the Pay and corp ranks and all that. But you gotta learn to walk before you can run eh!? Hopefully tonight will be more entertaining, I heard that LivDet are getting issued theyre rifles, but im not 100% sure about that. I think tonight were having another inspection. Spent about 1hr last night ironing my stuff, i bet you i get slated by the Sergeant for looking crap!! oh well.... ill get better with time.

    ild like to give a shout out to one of my mates from LivDet, he is a lurker, Sabbo is gay.
  6. see the inspections is all your kit at the Det or do you iron it at home and bring it in with you
  7. We only get to take our CS95 rig and Beret home (Combat pants and shirt). Thats the stuff what needs to be spick and span for the inspections. I think as we progress through training we'll be able to take more stuff home. Not entirely sure though if Ninja could give me abit more info on this?
  8. thats a bit shit if you have to get the bus home esp for the likes of me who live in Belfast where Combat Rig Isnt that well recepted and then that cause the problem of ironing your kit so its gleaming and having to put it in a holdall,
  9. If i was you i would have a word with your training team about this as it is definately a PERSEC issue. Could the training team get you some irons etc set up onboard to help you out??

    Just a thought
  10. Chris, its optional what you do with your kit mate, you get given lockers in your Detachment so you can leave your kit there, and come in earlier to iron it and that. I chose to take it home because i can use it to dress up and show the mrs... if you know what i mean..... nah just kidding. I chose to take it home because i think it would be easier to look after it and get it sorted the night before the inspection. Ill prop go over it with the iron tonight in the Detachment, get in early and give it a quick going over.
  11. ha ha got ya so thats good the option is there, where do the training weekends take place will I have to allow a day to get there(coming from belfast) Rust I bet you need the rig to turn the missus on ha ha
  12. haha! No im a sex demon me mate! Well because your in belfast i can tell you where you'll be spending your weekends man. Cause im in the uk. i dont think you'll be training over in the uk on your weekends. Find out from your AFCO and join up mate, Go to holding troop, and that will give you a great in sight of what stuff you do in there.
  13. At this moment in time you will be flown over to the main land for training weekends.

    Have you been in contact with the HQ or the local Det? They will give you all you need to know.

  14. yeah i have phoned the Det and no answer just rings out the guy at afco says to phone the det and the guy at HQ says the guy to speak to isnt there at the moment but i am trying
  15. It's the usual pain in the butt process! I would ask to speak with the Training Officer or the Training Colour Sgt at Scotland HQ.

    If you have not done so already, get your paper work in order as the window of opportunity is closing, with the selection weekend in Nov 2nd - 4th.

  16. Buy yourself a suit carrier mate.


    Expensive :

    Press your kit, pack it and bobs your auntie!! If you need to give it a quick once over before parade, then do that at your unit.

    Improvise, adapt and overcome :thumright:
  17. I might get in an hour early to sort my kit out tonight, were getting inspected.... I cant wait until the first weekend in the field, 12th - 14th Oct. Looking forward to the wet and dry routines.... i hear theyre not too good, But keep smiling!
  18. Just make sure you work from the top down tonight mate.

    Beret - shaped properly, correct position on head (capbadge above left eye) clean and well presented.

    Face - shaved

    Shirt - pressed with razor sharp creases and collar folded and pressed correctly

    Belt - alligned in center

    Trousers - well pressed, no tram lines, tuned under with elastics

    Boots - polished, shined and laced correctly

    All bottons done up - nails cut and clean - hair cut (short back and sides)

    Jewelery removed - carrying notepad & pencil - and correct PT rig in bag.

    Work in the buddy-buddy system mate and check each other off before inspection. Good luck!!
  19. happy days, is there any chance you could pm the numbers of the training staff at Glasgow. Just so I can get on the ball.
  20. Suit carrier spenny genius mate good thinking I think I have got one i will dig it out

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