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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by jockpopeye, Jan 19, 2011.

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  1. jockpopeye

    jockpopeye Badgeman Book Reviewer

    Was in a shop at the weekend looking for a birthday gift and there were quite a few of these 101 things to do / see / places to visit / albums to listen to / movies to see before you die.

    Having a look through them they seem be a bit of a box ticking excercise if you have no life or interests.

    They did get me thinking though, that Rum Rationers young and old are a well lived bunch what would they recommend for their 101 things...
  2. 1) White sand, blue skies, sunshine on a tropical beach whilst all my desires are satisfied by a nubile gorgeous wench (just for a day would do),

    2) Actually get the wife to admit she's wrong and I'm right (doesn't matter what the subject is)
  3. 3) Has to be wank.... Dont do this already you have no life

    4) Atleast once finger your butthole to see what its like.
  4. Errrrrr NO !!!! feckin wannabe sausage jockey
  5. Are you sure it was the kit musters that tripped you up, sounds like you were caught knocking one out whilst fisting yourself!!!!!!!!
  6. 5 ) Drive a car that is worth more than your house.
    6 ) Host a Bunga Bunga party.
    7 ) Drink a bottle of alcohol that costs more than your month's salary.
    8 ) Shoot a gypsy.

    Edited to add: How many of you had to Google 'Bunga Bunga party'?
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2011
  7. Oh fuck it, I was just lining you up for a blow job and you turn religious.
    Never mind I'll see if V8 wants to do some voluntary work.:evil4:;P
  8. Me!!!!!!!! :oops:
  9. 9 ) Punch a celebrity.
    10 ) Grow a Mexican droopy moustache.
    11 ) Take the controls of a 747 and land it successfully because both pilots have died mid flight.
    12 ) Streak at the Army vs Navy at Twickenham while dressed as Zorro.
  10. I've done two of them.:evil4:
  11. Things I have already done:

    Ride a motorcycle naked.
    Be in a big budget Hollywood movie.
    Smash two birds at once.
    Write off a car.
    Spunk an entire month's salary on a single night of debauchery.
    Drive a tank.
    Call a senior member of Royalty 'mate' to his face.
    Fuck my best mate's fit younger sister (for 2 years).
    Be drunk in charge of an elephant.
    Wake up in the morning with a tattoo that I don't recall getting.
  12. What you streaked at Twickenham dressed as zorro. Good effort =-):blob6:
  13. The Black Flash strikes again.:evil4:
    Fuck stripping off infront of pongos, they ain't house trained, and that makes 'em Ferrel.
    I would much prefere to be anally brutalized by a cultured wafu if the need ever arises.

  14. Stop telling us all these common events and tell us something outrageous.;P
  15. I got shit from the war office when she cracked the Enigma code and got on my Rum Ration forum. I have to be oh so careful what I post on here now. She just did not enjoy the sash window dit.:?=(
  16. jockpopeye

    jockpopeye Badgeman Book Reviewer

    1. attend a Berlusconi bunga bunga party (no normal bunga bunga for me thank you)
    2. restore a classic bit of engineering, small classic car or a motorbike something like that
    3. live in America, drive a pick up with a gun rack in it while wearing a baseball cap and drinking beer
    4. write a really shit, but insanely popular novel
    5. jump about like a mong behind a TV news reporter
    6. fake my own death only to surprise everyone by jumping out of the coffin
    7. solve a mystery Scooby Doo style assisted by an enormous dog a fit bird and a lesbian (Damn, it was Rumrat all along!)
  17. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Have sex 99 times.

    Get pissed.

    Have a fag.

    101 things. Simple.
  18. 101: burst 2 Red Balloons
  19. Get caught pissing in the automat bin at Drayd by an outrageously pissed off RPzero oh wait that should be on the list of things you dont want to do.
  20. Someone call?

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