100th Anniversary of the Territorials


Lantern Swinger
Just read in this months BBC history magazine (might be available on line) that 2008 is the 100th birthday of the TA as we know it today. Really good article and reminds me of a dit my late grandad spun me. He was a member of the Royal Artillery TA from 1936-1939. When war was declared in 1939 all 'Terriers' were obviously mobilised as they would form a good chunk of the new British Army being formed. At the TA HQ in Aberdeen they were informed that they could transfer to any regiment or Corps (within reason) if they so wished. A pal of his told him that he was volunteering for the Scots Guards as all they did was stand outside Buckingham Palace and it sounded like a good deal. My Grandad opted to stay with the RA, was promoted straight away and posted to Anit-aircraft duties. Despite not leaving the UK he was present at the London Blitz, the bombing of Clydebank (Gun site in the famous John Browns shipyard) and the V1/V2 attacks on London and the South-East.

Fast forward to late 1945 and he bumps into his old pal from the TA in a pub who he hasn't seen since 1939. His mate says that joining the Scots Guards was the worst f**king mistake of his life! Captured in France in 1940 and 5 years as a POW - Then as now you pick your branch and take a chance!!!!!!

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