1000 Talaiban released!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Jun 27, 2011.

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  1. In all the papers today,corruption is endemic from Karzy down so why are we bothering?
    1000 killers released and ready to use more poor little girls to carry bombs then get blown up.
    Are we mad to stand for this?
    Can I ask all those Combat Forces in that shithole in future,don't capture the Terry's just shoot the Feckers! problem solved!
  2. Better still get the feck out of there, the Afghans will never change from their tribal allegiances to some shining example of a modern democracy.
  3. There are 374 very good reasons why this is so wrong....RIP every one of them
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  4. And some members no names no pack- drill wonder why I get so hot under the collar over our continued presence in that country.
  5. 1000 "killers". One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. Let's not forget that. Everyone has their reasons for picking up a gat.
  6. Agreed - But then neither will certain posters on here, ie:


    <<Cha togar m' fhearg gun dìoladh>>

  7. I assume you refer to family first followed by the UK?
  8. Maybe my post was misconstrued a bit,I support our troops 100% but letting out known killers means corruption is very rampant.
    Things have to change but I don't see it when we leave.
    Billions will be poured in and the Talaban will snaffle most of it because they are ruthless re.who they kill and rape.
    Young girls,young boys whatever,they are scum and we should be looking to get out as soon as we can.
    I'm pretty hard line re.our involvements but I think Afghanistan and Libya are wrong,we can't police the World with what we have.IMO
  9. Yes it’s damned inconsiderate of Johny Foreigner to fight back when the Western powers want to keep their collective boots on his neck.

    Karzai held a peace jirga a few weeks ago; a lot of the more powerful war-lords from the North did not bother to attend which sent him a clear signal. The West may have put him in power as the President of Afghanistan but in reality he is no more than the Mayor of Kabul.

    The Taliban did send a couple of representatives to the jirga. The fact that both of them wore suicide vests sent an even clearer signal to Karzai. Soon after this the jirga unanimously demanded a release of hundreds of un-convicted prisoners from Afghan and coalition jails.

    Amrullah Saleh the head of the Afghan Intelligence Agency resigned over the release of the prisoners (his version) or maybe he was pushed out by Karzai for allowing the Taliban to detonate right next to the jirga (Karzai’s version).

    Whatever – it’s all moot. The only way out of the mess that the coalition landed itself in is to negotiate with the Taliban and extricate itself with as much face-saving as possible. Karzai is working on the old adage of “When you find yourself in deep shit then the most prudent first action is to stop digging”. The West is learning this same lesson.

    The real question for the Brits is - who will be the last soldier to die for this idiocy? Who will be our latter day Doctor Brydon?
  10. This could be part of a deal seeing as how the West are talking to the Tally's. Seem to remember something similar happening in NI when negotiations were ongoing and terrorists from both sides were released early.
  11. Our 1000 pounders don't discriminate either.
  12. Raping young girls eh?
    And you say this Taliban thingy is open to anyone eh,.......

    Bugger back to the silly thread for me.
  13. Mario Buda and his horse and cart have a lot to answer for in developing what ultimately became the poor man's cruise missile.

  14. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Shame the story is total b*llocks really - try looking at the MOD website which had the actual figures on it yesterday.

  15. Hmmmm - the MoD; that will be a totally unbiased source of information with no vested interests and no propaganda slant at all. Memo to self............ visit MoD site dreckly.

    Point is that Karzai has entered into a marriage of convenience with the Talib. Doesn't matter the exact numbers, a few hundred or a thousand is irrelevant. He can see the writing on the wall that the US is about to declare mission accomplished and jump ship even if it hasn't dawned on Cameron yet.
  16. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    "Hmmmm - the MoD; that will be a totally unbiased source of information with no vested interests and no propaganda slant at all. Memo to self............ visit MoD site dreckly.

    And the media have no slant or interest to push on this at all now do they?

    Trying to find the facts - e.g. actual numbers which were on MOD website - but after all they must be made up because the department will make things up all the time rather than tell the truth wont it?
  17. Er, yes. The MOD lies hourly.
  18. I get the Freedom fighter bit and as with the Viet Cong plus others around the world but as far as I am aware they did not just take young boys around a wall and rape them as has been well documented by UK troops nor did they,as far as I am aware,get innocent young girls to carry a bomb then blow it up.
    They are scum of the worst kind,to enter into negotiations with them is a sign of weakness.
    I've read a lot re. the conflict not having been there but I'm convinced the moderate Afghans have no chance when we leave,schools will be blown,teachers will be beheaded in the provinces, corruption will be endemic as it is now.
    It's a shithole of a country and not worth one UK life.
    If they,and Somalia,Yemen etc want to live like the Koran states back in the day,Feck 'em! we ain't going to change it.IMO
    One of my favourite books is TE Lawrence's "7 pillars of Wisdom" the Arabs were and probably still are a noble people,these are the dregs of them.
  19. I see your point, but in order to understand the use of human shields and child bombers you need to distance yourself from the way you as a Westerner rationally think. Also, is there that big a difference fron using a child bomber and lobbing airstrikes into populated areas? Some might say the outcome for both situations is a casualty of war.

    Also, the people of Afghanistan are not Arabs mate. =-)
  20. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Two good points from MLP; look closer at who and what the Taliban are, in many cases "they" are Saudi's, Pakistanis and a vertitable smorgesboard of islamic fundamenalists drawn from across the globe. In general, Afghani's they are not and that's one reason why the Northern Alliance was able to help take down the former Taliban regime. The blurring comes when Tier 1/2 Taliban leaders, co-opt, using many means, your average Joe Afghani and he is then seen as the one brandishing the rusty AK or laying the pressure plate - for cash, for an ideological reason or mostly under duress, regardless, that is the face of the Taliban we will mostly see.

    And again, for many cultural reasons, [the same reasons why a lot of the Allied efforts in Afghan will fail - most notably you cannot and perhaps should not try to inflict Western democratic principles on a State that has for Millenia existed on a tribal/feudal basis] rape, murder, torture don't carry the same stigma in what is essentially a 18/19th Century country [being generous]. Its another reason why often an Afghani will pick up the Ak with the minimum of coercion from the Talib because in his very simple worldview he see's the presence of NATO troops as foreign invaders - and he probaby views the Talibs in much the same way except, they're muslims and that makes them more tolerable and a harsh life is what an Afghan is used to.

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