10 month wait for Seaman Specialist.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by jemster, Sep 19, 2007.

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  1. Hello Guys/Girls.

    I've been an avid reader of the forums for a long time now but never really felt the need to post my own topic until now, although it is quite a rant for a first post as I'm feeling the need to get rather alot off my chest!
    My first contact was with my AFCO was back early March, when I registered my interest in as joining as an officer. However, although I was "academically eligable" to join as an officer, it was my own decision to apply formally as a rating (seaman specialist), as I felt I lacked some of the other important qualities needed for applying as an officer ( I'm only 18 and to be honest feel like I lack some of the personal skills/ability to lead a potential officer would require). So between March and August I passed my psychometric, interview, medical and fitness, with my security clearance sent off mid-August. Dont get me wrong, I've always known there is rather long waiting list for SS, but after a talk with my careers advisor today, I've been told 10 months wait for Raliegh from the MOD accepting my application. Bearing in mind that my security forms have only been with the DVA less than a month, basically I could possibly be looking at an accepted application in January time, only then beginning the 10 month wait.

    I've wanted to join the Navy my whole life but decided it would be wise to get some good A-levels and work experience first, as a back up plan and also for the experience.

    Dont get me wrong, waiting another year or so longer than I was hoping, although extremely frustrating, is in no way going to dampen my determination to get in but I have to admit it has left me incredibly deflated. The thought of university seems ever more appealing next year as I have A-levels so would I would get unconditional offers, a complete opposite to the uncertainty the RN is offering me right now! Which is a shame really from the RN's point of view because here I am desperate to serve and I feel rather rejected by the whole system. I feel very sorry for anyone else in a similar position to myself.

    Oh well look on the bright side, hopefully only a year and maybe 3 months to go! :) haha.
  2. Jem, first of all. You do have the personal qualities, abilities, etc, otherwise you wouldn't have gotten past the interview. The other personal abilities and qualities will be gathered through your training.

    Second of all, chin up. You'll still be a spring-chicken when you join.

    I've been waiting 3 months for my security clearance now and still no sign of it. I will surely be 22 when I join as I can't see me getting in before February.

    Good luck with the future of your Royal Navy career and remember, IT WILL HAPPEN and it'll fly by quicker than you expect.

    Use this time to turn yourself into a machine in terms of fitness.

  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Hiya Jemster,

    A very warm "Welcome to RR" as a poster!

    Interesting stuff, let's see if we can help....

    Whilst you may have registered an interest in March, possibly as an "Information Seeker" the clock only starts ticking when you actually apply as an Officer or Rating. For a rating, the waiting starts from when you sit & actually pass the recruiting test & you become an "Applicant", as opposed to an "Enquirer" who is simply someone who has filled out an application form but not sat the Recruiting Test.

    It would be helpful if you could say when you passed the recruiting test as that is when the selection process starts, not before, for very obvious reasons. Thousands take an application form every week, a fraction return them completed.

    The waiting time for each branch varies depending on the amount of applicants & training courses available. Not so long ago seaman Specialist was only a 6 month wait, I thought it was around about 14 months at the moment, maybe it's down to 10 (I'll check tomorrow).

    The moral to the story, or any "would- be " joiners still at school/college aged over 15 years & 9 months, is to start the process now & then you will have a job waiting for you when you finish your academics.
  4. Thanks mate. I understand your frustration with the security clearance. Mine has only been with the DVA around a month so havent really been expecting anything on that front for a while yet! As frustrating as this whole process is proving to be it only seems to make me want it more, I'm sure that's something you can relate to.

    Good luck too matey, let me know if you hear anything your SC, fingers crossed that proves to be very soon!
  5. Why thank you sir, good to be here rather than just watching in.

    I passed my psychometric at the very start of June, so that's when things started to get serious with the AFCO.

    If I was 16 all over again I would have applied back then whilst beginning my a-levels, but the main reason I didn't was that I wanted to leave the university "door" open, in case I had a change of heart and wanted to go this year. So my plan was always to apply to the RN when I had visted a few Uni open days and looked at courses just to make sure that wasn't where I wanted to be off too. I made that decision in late March, so I applied straight away. Obviously now I'm looking at a late 2008/early 2009 entry that tactic appears to have been a mistake, but hey, I suppose that was ignorance on my part and now I'm paying the price. Luckily I did make a back up plan because obviously I sort of expected the whole process to take up to a year before a training date, so I signed a full-time contract in my current job until May 2008. So it's not as if I'm totally stuck, just rather frustrated that I won't be where I want to be for up to another year longer than I initially expected.

    And about the 10 month figure... That was the word from my AFCO as of today, but if you could look into it I would be very grateful! :)
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I'll certainly have a look for you with regard waiting times, but I suspect the AFCO is right as I haven't processed a Seaman Specialist for a few months. When you look at it 14 months from June 07 would in fact make your entry date late (Oct) 2008 (given there are no intakes in both 'Augusts') or soon after.

    One thing you may like to consider is possibly joining the RNR whilst you are waiting, if it's viable for both you & the local unit.

    There's a few advantages:

    You get paid, you get a good insight as to what to expect, it means your security clearance remains valid (otherwise it only lasts 12 months), as does your medical, It's worth having a look anyway.

    Best of luck & I'll let you know if I find out anything different tomorrow.

    Edited to add, your AFCO is indeed correct- 10 months is the approximate time from "Applicant" to "Enter Service".
  7. i waited 16 months from the day i walked into AFCO to the day i stepped off the coach at Raleigh i got discharged after 2 days cos of some stupid mistakes the RN and AFCO made.Im 25 now and wished i applied when i was alot younger.

    I went in as sea spec you would be suprised the amount of people chose different trades because they couldnt be bothered to wait,but at least it gives you longer to prepare yourself.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It is heartening to hear an astute observation. I concur entirely, people chose a job just to get in, then when they find they don't like it try to blame others for their choice.

    (Good luck with your appeal TJ, hope it succeeds.)
  9. On our first day when everyones making small talk the main questions were "what are you going in as?" Id say almost 40% of people who are going in warfare spec's first choice was sea spec but changed their minds when they heard the waiting time.

    Quite shocking shocking really, considering it could be their career for life
  10. Yeah, I totally agree. It's 14 months longer than I want to have to wait, but it's a career for life, so it's peanuts in the grand scheme of things! :)
  11. lol i have had to wait 9 mnths now for a seaman spec job i got my date now for the 14th oct carnt wait all this waiting i hope will pay off :)
  12. Hey. I'm also joining as a seaman spec on the 25th May. I have also had nearly a year to wait. i'm just so glad that i finnaly know my entry date. atleast i know exactly how long to wait now. I also did the same things, like thinking about going in as an officer but after weeks of thinking about it i decided going in a rating would be the best option for me.
  13. Ah nice one, congratulations. :thumright:
    Good to meet someone else on my joining date, especially another SS.
    Nervous about joining yet? haha :)
  14. Although I'm in the earliest possible stages and don't know what a 6 month wait feels like yet :) I'd recommend that anyone who is interested in a certain branch wait it out. After all, it's your whole life, or at least a good part of it defined by the decisions you take and also in part by the amount you wait now.

    Is getting into the job 3 months early worth not having the job you really wanted?
  15. When i went for my interview most of us were going in for AET but also most of us wanted to be a ME but because of the 12 month waiting list we all had changed. My parents wouldnt have me in the house that long so it was really a no brainer for me. The afcos push certain trades because they were blagging that i would only have a 2 month wait after my aplication went through. It has been 6 months.
  16. Haha, no i'm not nervous. well for now anyway. I think when the date comes closer i'll get a little nervous. I'm just really loking forward to it, can't come sooner haha. What about you? are you nervous?
  17. Sleeping in a tent in the back garden for a year would be character forming! :thumright:

    ...learning self reliance: making own bed, washing clothes, cooking bacon and eggs for brekkers, etc; digging holes all over garden for waste disposal...(let's skip that topic), coping with all weathers, raiding Mum's fridge for provisions, washing in a dhoby bucket with soap (on a rope, of course) and cold water, long hours reading your Manual of Seamanship.......

    Go for it Junior.... oooo, er... I mean Pre-AB :lol:

    PS: Sara..... I'm nervous, and I'm not even joining! :dwarf:
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The AFCO will advise the waiting time if asked. No-one is "pushing" or "blagging" anything- we want to recruit people into jobs that suit them so as they stay, we do not wish to fill places with people who do not want to do the job.

    As a matter of general interest, AFCOs are measured on what is termed as "wastage" against target figures. In other words it's a complete waste of everyone's time, money & effort if we simply aimed to fulfill recruiting targets 100% only to lose 50% within 6 months of joining because they chose the wrong job.

    The waiting times for various trades change from month to month depending on the amount of successful applicants. Only a "bear of small brain" would consider joining because the waiting time for a particular trade maybe shorter than another as you cannot change after you have joined.

    At present AET is around 3-4 months from passing the Recruiting Test to entry, assuming all aspects of selection are taken and passed without delay. If it's taken someone 6 months to join, when the current waiting time at start of the application is stated at only 2-3 months, then the individual has either had problems at interview, medical, gaining security clearance or has failed a PJFT.
  19. I'd say pretty much the same really! :) where abouts are you from?

    I've already started working a lot less hours and building the fitness back up again to a good level, and swimming once or twice a week.

    are you booked in to go up to scotland at all?
  20. I did the same as you guys.

    I did A levels and decided against uni for the same reasons.

    I am waiting to be a MCD hopefully - I am pre peda so bottoms up!

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