10-4 Good Buddy

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Lingyai, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. OK I just know that some of you were as sad as me and may have had a CB radio setup running from a power supply in your bedroom with an antenna screwed to a biscuit tin so you could talk to your oppos and complete strangers about all kinds of crap (just like now really, just different technology).
    If you care to admit this (don't be shy, your Mum wasn't) :hump: maybe you would care to share your CB handle?
    Any good CB stories?
    Good eyeballs?
    I remember all the slang as if it were yesterday, do you?
    10 - 10 till we meet again.........
  2. Barracuda [​IMG]
  3. I remember getting through to some Russians one Sunday Morning in November. Quite a short conversation though :D
  4. Spaceman.
    Seem to remember listening to a couple having CB sex. That was a strange one.
  5. I went on an eyeball with a tart called Juicy Fruit and got my first set of sticky fingers, remember riding my bike home wondering why there was such a pain in my guts and spuds, needless to say it didn't take long for me to figure out a solution.
    Ahhh Juicy Fruit............ she is probably a big fat arsed mother of 6 by now with her hair in curlers, wearing Ron Hills and smerking a fag.
  6. Ling,Did you have a Ford Cortina with a green sun shade strip over the wind screen with your handle over the driver?Did it have a magnetic CB antenna with a cable coming from its base over the roof in to the drivers side window. I remember seeing loads of the above cruising around in the late 70's/early 80's.I was riding my ''Chopper'' at the time.
  7. Now now, I was on a Raleigh Bomber at the time, bloody cheek. The only people that I know who had that setup were the blokes in the school car park who invired me in to see their CB "equipment", plied me with sherbert dips and touched my front bottom.

    Didn't do me any harm though.
  8. El Paso,used to chat regularly with a lass called Mini moblile up on Portsdown hill.Once "skipped" to a bloke in Biggin Hill.
  9. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Green Onion, we used sit in my mates older brother's car, he had a suicide pill fitted into the aerial (a little light which came on when you transmitted) we used to spend half our time racing around Plymouth to avoid the old bill. Spookily it was a White Ford Cortina with his handle written in a green tint across the top of his windscreen!!!
  10. My handle was Wingnut cos I've got sticky out ears ! - yeah I know, really original.

    I cant believe we all used to spend so much time doing it - it was really popular at one time, then when it went legal it all seemed to die of death.

    Got a shag in the back of a mates car thanks to CB though.

    And I too had a white (Mark 3) Cortinal (as they calls 'em round Bristol) with a Cobra 148 CB with K40 aerial on a mag mount, which came off at about 80mph.

    "Flick it high, flick it low, I can go anywhere you want to go, AM, FM, USB, I really don't mind, I've got all three. 10/10 till we meet again, whoosh we gone !"
  11. One nine for a copy. Bluestreak and Pegleg were the handles. Can't remember what our first rig was, but we ended up with a SuperStar 2000 as the mobile, and a Ham International Jumbo as the home base. Pegleg had regular copies with two lads in Surinam, South America and a chap in North Cape, Norway.

    Spookiest copy was listening to a conversation between two Army units, one in Cyprus, the other was in Nether Wallop. They were discussing a promotion signal and they mentioned our Nephews name!

    We also managed a four way conversation. Pegleg was on the home base and I was mobile. She was talking to her friend Penny in Pennsylvania, USA, who manage to link me to her husband Don who was driving an eighteen wheeler.

    Happy Days!

    Semper Strenuissima.
  12. You sure it wasn't 1-4 for a copy Onions?
  13. my handle was Mermaid... Mum was called Poodles and was the only female in the Urban Fox's and my Dad was called Brute.....
    We had lots of fun,,,, went on marches to get it leagalised....
    and was DXing constantly... spoke to many people all over the world...

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