10 000 Passports Issued To Fraudsters

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by TattooDog, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. From the BBC Website


    The figures include 2 convicted terrorists.

    I can't believe that they're only just talking about issuing passports in person!! I would've thought it would be standard procedure by now?

    How about making everyone submit and collect passports at Post Offices? Oh no, I forgot - they're all being closed!

  2. I'll believe fxxxxxxxxxxxg anything in this country these days :???:
  3. Yet they CAN'T give them to Gurkha's who've served our country for years! Makes me Fu*king MAD!
  4. I know, make a passport so expensive, only "officials" and famous rich people will be able to have one.

    The Government won't mind this being well publicised, though, as they will use it as an argument for the too-much-clever identity cards.
  5. And today it is announced they are going to have 700+ civil servants interrogating applicants for passports 'to prevent fraud' - not that it is anything to do with Bliar's ID card scheme of course :neutral:
  6. Had my replacement application turn down because the black ink i used was the wrong kind of black?
    Next time i'll ask an asylum seeker to fill it in for me and it will piss it.
  7. This is the 10,000 they know about..........One wonders what the true figure is :evil:

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