1 year.

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Sketcher, Mar 8, 2010.

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  1. Today I have been busy celebrating my first year in the Navy. Been the best year of my life so far, so here's to the next 17!
  2. That's good to hear!

  3. so having reached that 1 year achievement i expect you have now had many signatures in the Naval Taskbook of life?

    Danced in Jesters with a woman sized 18 or over (preferably aged over 45)

    Got a dose of the same fat bird?

    Passed it on to your long term girlfriend / wife

    Been caught in the mess deck bashing one out?

    Pulled yourself off over a mates missus pinned to his buggery board?

    Had a wank and wiped your cock on the mess deck knobbers curtains?

    If so congrats!! You are well on the way to being a fully fledged matelot!
  4. You were a busy boy in your 1st year huh

    Congrats btw x
  5. First year? That was my first week! Anything to get my damned part 4 task book signed off!!

    I did fail to add about falling asleep in the mess deck and having all your hair shaved off with massive comedy cocks drawn all over you................. those were the days!

    Turning to with the backs of your ears blackened so everyone knew you fell asleep in the mess deck!! Good times!

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