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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by adamlee_24, Apr 8, 2008.

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  1. so rifles are under command of 3 Cdo now.
    do they have to complete AACC?
    i see that from the RM website some of them are wearing dagger flashes. do they get them just for being under the command of 3 Cdo?
    what are peoples opinions on this?
  2. ok thanks for that never knew that before.
    here's another one. if they do take the AACC, do they get a flash like Royals. would it just say Commando? (i guess it would say Royal Marines Commando)
    were you in a rush or something or just wrong time of the month, was a bit sharpe, have a hit a nerve.lol
  3. I believe they wear a dagger flash on their right arm aswell as their green lid to denote their status
  4. Which of the old Regiments are 1 Rifles ? Bit confused over the new Regimental system....
  5. Ninja_Stoker

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  6. My son-in-law was D&D until his medical discharge. IIRC, the RGB&W were irreverently known as the M4 Rifles before renaming ?
  7. How surprised Am I that Army ranks who have not passed the AACC are wearing the dagger badge and calling themselves 'Commandos'? Not very.
    Pissed off though, there's a different story. Big timers.
  8. I was a tad pissed off when i was told of this earlier. Standards?? What standards!!
  9. Aye, mentioned that this would happen about 3 months ago on ARRSE, feck my crystal ball is on fire this year.
    Still, I thought they'd have the common decency to restrict their big timing to runs ashore when chatting up some bint, just goes to prove that you should never underestimate a pongo.
  10. My nephew is currently in training with the Rifles at Basingborne. I did suggest to him that it would be far better if he joined the Senior Service - you know go to war in relative comfort, but as he had done time as an Army Cadet, his response was 'But Aunty Rosie, I like sleeping in a ditch'. I am sure it will suit him well!
  11. The flash they are wearing is the Brigade insignia, not a recognition they are Commando. Every serving person in a Brigade wear the flash relevant Brigade flash. Also there is a 'Army Commando' Flash if successful on AACC as well as the Commando Dagger.

  12. Correct (as I said on the second post of the topic), it IS a brigade insignia, not a commando insignia, hence the atts to med squadron etc wear them, as do the doctors etc.[/quote]

    Same as RNR AWFP wearing the FPGRM brigade flash. :thumright:
  13. There was a film clip on the WESTWARD News tonite about 1 Rifles training in Belize for their next deployment. In it, they announced about 1 in 10 had done the AACC, but they were trying to increase this number, subject to operational/training commitments. The Boss of 3 Cdo Bde welcomed them into the Brigade as an infantry asset, and refused to admit the lack of Commando training would weaken his unit. Another part tomorrrow evening.
  14. So the addition of a extra infantry battalion - commando or not - weakens a brigade now does it? Hmmm, that's a new one...
  15. So when did you stop beating your wife?
  16. Here is the low down on this topic:

    Pongoes are not trying to muscle in on 3 Cdo Bde- this was a change brought about by Royal. 3 reasons:

    a) Whether you like it or not, Royal (although thinking unlike Para) is still a shock troop and is thus a farking agressive headcase. This makes them not particularly good (I did not say bad) peacekeepers, so 1 Rifles has been included as partly a peacekeeping batallion.

    b) There are no mechanised/armoured units in 3 Cdo Bde. 1 Rifles, however, are part of a unit which incorporates both mechanised and armoured inf., and have in the past worked closely with cav.. They are being included to act as a kind of liaison between Royal and cav., thus improving combat effectiveness, and so most likely furthering Royal's reputation as the most effective combat unit in the world.

    c) Thirdly, it was a toss up between this and reforming 41 Cdo. Bearing in mind that Royal is currently not meeting requirements to maintain strength in 40, 42 & 45 (+ FPG etc.)- could you imagine how long it would take to train up enough recruits in order to form another commando- they would have to drop their very high standards. It makes much more sense to simply include an inf. batallion that is already formed, and has the reputation of being one of the best regular inf. units in the Army, in the brigade, and so making up numbers.

    Plus, in the long run, it will probably take a lot of stress off you lot, who are already working way harder than you should be.

    Sorry about the essay, hope it helped.

  17. As for the badge issue i wear a 3 cdo brigade flash. Dont try and pass myself off as a commando. The blue beret would give it away if i did.
    As for those army commando flashes. I dont think they are issue. As ive only seen one lad wearing them. Most pongos just wear the red dagger on there left arm to show they are commandos.
  18. Al, ta for that, where did you get your info from?

  19. Let's just say some brass. A few of us were briefed on the subject. I'm more inclined to believe this guy than you.
  20. Those 'Army Commando' Flashes are on issue, all the blokes we handed over OMLT on Herrick, had then on there shirt's. I enquired to the badge and the response was they are issued.

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