Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by daffy1, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. Right to all the people moaning about there mile and a half time. My girlfriend did the race for life caner research yeasterday and did the 10k race (6.5 miles) her time was 48 miutes, that was with no real training as she works night and day shifts, no gym access on top of all of this she is in her final year of uni. The only thing that got her through was her determination and a bit of grit, so there is a lesson to be learnt here, if you want it get some balls and go for it.
  2. Your missus has got some big balls then has she?
  3. **** me that's fast by the way!
  4. lol o i was waiting for that. But she has more grit and determination than the people who worry about their mile and a half time. After all its just grit your teeth get it done, sooner you do it the quicker its over.
  5. Whilst on the topic of the 1.5 miles, i've seen theres been posts with people wanting to know what speed to run at and so on so....

    8.1 mph - 13.1 kph = 11.00 minutes
    8.57mph - 13.7 kph = 10:30
    9 mph - 14.4 kph = 10:00
    9.47 mph - 15.2 kph = 9:30
    10 mph -16.09 kph = 9:00
    10.58 mph - 17.04 kph= 8:30
    11.25 mph - 18.1 kph = 8:00

    I would go further but i havnt seen anyone getting those times so i wont bother. I imagine they would change of different treadmills but i ran the 10mph today and was only a few seconds out so this can give you a rough idea of what to run out.
  6. Is that the times for the 1.5 yea?
    Blonde moment lol
  7. I've never been on treadmill.
    Just put on my trainers, my iPod and run...
    Ran 2.01 miles today in 9:23 I don't know what speed that is, I just know from a-to-b is that distance and time myself.

    Without sounding too ignorant, do you just set speed, it spins and you just keep up!?

    edit: apologies - typo, meant to be NINE minutes twenty three seconds, not eight. should proof read my posts before submitting - sorry for misleading anyone. no one answered my question though on treadmills though...?
  8. matzu9, yeh its the time for 1.5 miles.

    Guyc if your running at that pace then i would give up the navy and become and olympic runner since your only 20 odd seconds outside the world record for two miles. Unless of course your talking out of your arrse. 8O
  9. Is it still 3min/1 mile for the world record still ?
  10. 3:43.13 Hicham El Guerrouj is the world record for a mile, and 7:58.61, Daniel Komen , for 2 miles so i doubt very much that guyc did it i 8 minutes 20 something.
  11. Catton01. I'm with you on this one.

    More than likely 2K.
  12. Use a Car or a bike. FFS

    No Effort
  13. I recommend not gritting your teeth and instead in through the nose out through the mouth :)

    But I agree that there shouldn't be ANY posts about how to run a mile and half, FFS you just run, if you cant do it practice more till you can, it's not a challenging time I agree.

    Some fat bar stewards going round nowadays mind.
  14. That's no excuse. I'm a fat bastard and I can run it in a good time.
  15. Agreed, i managed 10 mins after a year and a half of no excersise what so ever and being sat on my arrse in a call centre for 40 hours a week that whole time, eating nothing but shit.

    I still honestly cant see how people fail it. To be honest i think its more a case of them having no determination rather than not being fit enough to run it.
  16. Agreed, people who have never run aren't used to hitting the wall or whatever and having to get over it, and this is why I think the armed forces make you run rather than they think you will be running for a mile and a half whilst in service.
  17. see edit above. should of been '9:23'. Sorry for typo. Didn't mean to mislead anyone!
  18. Sometimes do set it faster than i know i can handle, it pushes me harder. I just go untill i literally cant go any longer, keeping the heart rate up you see ;)
  19. Thought I'd been running it in 7:40 odds and was chuffed cause I normally get just over 8 mins.

    Turns out we marked the route wrong :( doh lol
  20. Here is a tip, if you know you can do better than you are doing then take a mate with you.
    They can not only cheer you on if you are struggling and also you will want to show off to them :p

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