Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by cornwall, May 26, 2010.

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  1. Hi Everyone

    havent posted on here for a while but realy need all the advice i can get when i did my pjft i ran it 11.56 now since then i have been working to the fitness book i was given and achieved 11.28 last friday at my local gym on a treadmill now i know that that time is good enough for a pass given that i am 26 but i realy whant to acheive better times under the 11mins would be nice so if any one has any tips i would be realy greatfull i am not realy a fantastic runner as you can see by these times but longer distance running i dont find to much of a problem ie 5k plus but seem to realy strugle when it comes to timed 1.5 mile runs [i do smoke and i know i need to quit] any advice would be great
  2. Hello fella.

    Through my own experience of when I trained myself for the marathon, I found the things that helped improve my pace was doing fartlek training. i.e when I was out running if I came across a stretch of road with lamposts I'd use them to do intervals. Jog from the first lampost to the second then sprint from next lampost the following and repeat that set over and over until almost dying. Also put in the miles I found as I increased the distance I was running the quicker my pace went.

    When I started I was just about able to do 1.5 miles in 15 mins when I passed my fitness test (not the pjft) in April on base I did it in 9 min 42 I'm 32 years old.

    So it goes to prove it can be done
  3. Hi Tommo

    Thanks for the advice will definitely be trying that also do you think i should get out running more than the book says as it is only twice a week or do any other sort of training to help as just whant to be at my best for when i go to raleigh on the 31st october cheers
  4. The more you run, the more you will improve. But the advice I was given and came in very helpful from a someone on here was to listen to your body. I was running 6 days a week when I was training for the marathon. However 3 or 4 days will help improve your fitness, stamina, endurance and pace. You could do one day where you jog first 1.5 miles then run 1.5 miles and finish with 1.5 miles jog.

    There are some good routes around Truro and some good hills to which will help
  5. I've really struggled with stamina because running is not something I've ever done. But I've found you should be able to get away with running 2-4 times a week as long as you're pushing yourself further each time. As Tommo said interval training and also hill sprints are good for rapid improvement, make sure you're not letting yourself fully recover between each sprints. Don't forget that the 1.5 isn't the only measure of fitness though. Keep on top of your press ups and sit ups too.
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    After pssing the PJFT, bin running on treadmills & conduct outdoor runs.
  7. thanks guys for all the advice i will definitely be upping the amount im running and also include plenty of hills as ive not done very much of that i did bin running on treadmills straight after my pjft back in october last year and have been running on the roads since so last friday on a treadmill was the first time for a long time and timeing myself over 1.5miles as have mainly been concentrateing on more distance running and is now proberly showing in my shorter distances i mbetter crack on with this as october is not that far away
  8. Maybe stupid to some, but help me loads is music. Get the tunes banging, i find Rocky helps all the time in the gym or running. Also remember rest is just as important as training.
  9. I have to agree with Tommo, if you mix up your training your body will react in a more positive manner.
    I run 3 times a week 1 road session of 6 or 7 miles (this helps with endurance), 1 interval session of 45 mins (this helps with reducing recovery time and increasing overall speed) and 1 hill session of 45 mins (this just knackers you out :D ).
    I am 32 and can run the 1.5 mile in 8.40 so it definitley works for me.
    Hope this helps.
  10. Aye Jim that what I recall about 10% per week.
  11. or stress fractures, something I have knowledge of...
  12. exactly what tommo said do interviels of joging then sprinting till you cant no moore, should shed 30 secs to a min of your time
  13. Join your local running club - they will have a qualified coach (or twelve as mine does!), you get to do stuff with other people (so a) you don't get bored and b) you have encouragement for (nearly) every second of your run), plus it means you'll discover new parts of your town/city that you never know existed. And all for about £25 a year. What's not to like?
  14. hi everyone well tryed the hill sprints last night after my usual pressups/sit ups session and once i could breathe again after it i felt absaloutely battered done the hill sprints for around 30mins till i could do no more and definitely worked alot harder than previous sessions i have also made contact with my local running club so will see how that goes aswell so thankyou very much to everyone with your help and suggestions
  15. Top tip for Raleigh: You now get 3 attempts before you're discharged.
  16. The more of these mile n half threads I read, the more I get convinced I must be doing a completely different one to everyone else. All the threads seem to make out that the mile n half is something difficult, it's 10 minutes of running once a year, hardly the hardest of things to do.

    Or am I just turning into a cynical twat in my old age
  17. ditto,

    i did my pjft today, only fitness work i do is thai boxing and completed the run in 10.16. even if people are out of shape surely they should go all out on the day of the test to pass then keep on with training prior to joining
  18. hey
    to help my running and general fitness i used the royal marines training tool even though im a girl i kept the 50 sit up per circuit slightly decreased the press ups and other typical circuit exercises etc and missed out the pull ups and more 'marine' style exercises the running i have sort of kept the same i have a 'short run' 2 1/2 ish miles i think and a long run which is 4miles. i then do my 1.5 every 3 weeks. its helped me loads and increased my fitness. it may help :)
    heres the link
  19. FFS, 3 tries for something that should have been passed first go!
    I'd have thought that if young thrusters wish to pursue a long and fruitful career in the RN they would use the time between first pushing open the AFCO door and actually turning to at Raleigh to actually prepare themselves for this 'arduous' test!
    Failure obviously hints at lack of commitment, show 'em the door, Main Gate at the rush!

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