1/350th plastic model of HMS/M Vanguard

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by pg55555, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Want to meet down the local parks pond for a game of "cold war op's". I have a pair of Oscar & Whiskey submarine's, we can play war games.
  2. Mr GS has something very similar to that given to him when he left, the only difference is that his is on a wood plaque thing with bent sticking up bits. Must have a look for the made in China stamp. :roll:

  3. :p My model submarine's better than your model submarine. :p

    Me and me mate "Kowalski" will get a firing solution on you lot
    quicker than you can sharpen your f***ing chinagraphs!!

  4. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    ,,,,,but my S/M is'nt manned by muppets! :wink:
  5. My model has a flying sub in it as well so there!
  6. Okay then - I'll use my other boat - The Cardboard Bomber.
    I used to have two - but I lost the other one in a pond in
    Scarborough.....wasn't very watertight and failed it's first
    deep dive (to one and a half feet). Grand-kids were a bit
    hacked off as they both had to batter their way through
    the pressure hull to get out.

  7. Of course,when I was on the Turtle...........
  8. A pint tothe first person to spot the mistake in the artist's impression.
  9. Re: 1/350th plastic model of HMS/M Vanguard

    Need a frog bomber. too, to play Bumps-a-Daisy.

    (Mmmm -I wonder if that bump woke the Nav Queens up?)
  10. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Loads Joe, but its amazing what a paint job does!
  11. I'm not talking about minor details which only a real spotter would see,I'm referring to a major conceptual fundamental error.
  12. Hi JC

    Got to careful with 'spot the difference' as the Official Secrets Act springs to mind; Bingham etc....But:

    Black Picture - Screw/Cavitating, I would accept that artistic license was needed to indicate some movement.
    Rudder perspective appears wrong. Configuration of sticks raised at Launch. Launch Depth? - don't even go there.

    Middle Grey Picture - Rocket half out of #15 Tube is not as plumb as Coulport prefer.

    Bow Caps? only 4 'tubes these days? F'ends must be like a Ball-room!

    Models? Unsniffable glue, so include me out.

    A Pint you say? Yes please, of Pussers Rum, NO ICE though

  13. You're halfway there.
  14. My guess is that the boat is actually underway
    whilst firing that missile.

    Pint of Watneys Red Barrel please?
  15. JC

    I'll just have the 1/2 pint for now then, amigo, & I might come back for the other half later.

  16. Can't do the maths bit. How big is a 1/350 scale model in feet and inches ?(or miles ?)
  17. 350 feet = 1 foot or 350Metres = 1 metre JD. A Trident is about 149.9 Metres long take it from there matey
    (OK answer is 0.4285 metrs long)
    Bleeding hell my Type VIIc at 68 inches long would outdo that!!
  18. Masts up whilst deep?

    Please dont say its that as A certain CMEM and I managed that in '07 :lol: :lol: :lol:
  19. And I'm still required to airbrush out the pump jet in our pubs… :?

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